John Dodson Taylor III, June 1944   Leave a comment

June 1944 01

Scans Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

The writing on the back of this image indicates that “Jackie” Marsh is holding my father, John Dodson Taylor, III (1943-2014), in June 1944.  They are behind the family house in Summerville, Georgia.


The photographs in this set come from a “Panel Print Album” I retrieved from my father’s possessions after his recent death.


Panel Print Album 02

Panel Print Album 01


June 1944 03

Here is a photograph of Alex Marsh holding my father.  This is also good view of the back of the old north wing of the house.  That wing has not existed since the 1960s.


June 1944 02

The caption on the back of this photograph indicates that “Mama Nell” is hold my father.  That appears to be “Jackie” Marsh on the right.  They are, of course, behind the house.  “Mama Nell” does not seem to resemble my grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor (1915-2001), for I have photographs of her from that time.


June 1944 04

Here is a photograph of my father on Little Gene’s pony.  “Little Gene” was Eugene Stoddard Taylor, Jr. (1928-2012), who lived next door.


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