Near Ben Burton Park, Athens, Georgia, May 15, 2015, Part I   Leave a comment

Wooded Trail May 15, 2015 01

Above:  A Wooded Trail Near Ben Burton Park, May 15, 2015

Source of All Images = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


I have walked in and near Ben Burton Park since 2007, when I moved to the area.  The trails have become familiar to me.  They have also proven to be sanctuaries for me.  This was especially true a few years ago, when I wanted to avoid a certain neighbor, who, mercifully (and against his will), moved away.  He was disturbing the communal peace, however.  I found peace in the woods.

Wooded Trail May 15, 2015 02

Wooded Trail May 15, 2015 03

One must, for the sake of safety, follow this trail, not walking off the cliff and falling to the trail below.

Cliff May 15, 2015 01

Cliff May 15, 2015 02

Cliff May 15, 2015 03

I take comfort, however, in the fact that, if the Middle Oconee River ever floods severely, nature has provided ways to prevent the water from reaching my front door, which is at the top of the hill one descends to reach the river and the park.




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