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To All the Cats I Have Mourned   Leave a comment

Leslie January 1, 2015 03

Above:  Leslie Catherine Taylor (2014-2015), January 1, 2015

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


To all the cats I have mourned–

Jean-Luc, Harry, Charlemagne,

Caesar, Duncan Gray, and Leslie Catherine–

whose lives enriched mine, and

whose lives I improved likewise–

You were my beloved children;

I know not what my life would have been

without your exquisite presence,

but I do know that your absence

has left me bereft of your graces.

Our time together was too brief,

and your parting cause for grief.

You were ministers of grace–

agents of God’s mercies–

your mere presence sufficed

when I needed to see a friendly face.

Your purring made me feel better

when I had fallen ill,

and your soft fur helped me

the grace of God concretely to see.

We dwell apart for now,

but I hope to reunite with you eventually.

May Heaven’s animal shelter

be to your liking, better than Earth,

and may we spend timeless afterlife

together in joy, liberated from the strife

and pain this side of Heaven.