Historic Sanctuary, Gray United Methodist Church, Gray, Georgia   Leave a comment

Above:  The Historic Sanctuary, June 11, 2018

Photographer = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


I was driving through Gray, Georgia, where my great-grandfather, George Washington Barrett (1873-1956) served from late 1917 to late 1919.  He was a minister in the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (1845-1939).  For two years he served a three-point charge that included the congregation in Gray.  He preached in the building pictured above.

The windows postdate his time as pastor, obviously.

Notice the side view of the building.  The back section, with the door facing toward the street, is younger than the rest of the building.  According to the church’s website, the back section dates to the 1940s.

One way of connecting with one’s ancestors is to visit places they lived, worshiped, et cetera.  I try to imagine my grandmother, Nell Barrett (1915-2001), on this site as a young child.  I try to imagine my great-grandfather, not as the silver-haired gentleman I have usually seen in photographs, but as a younger man.  Here I have a tangible connection to my family’s past.  Liturgically and theologically I would not fit in at Gray U.M.C., but that is fine.




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