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Nell Barrett, May 1933   Leave a comment

From The Scroll, LaGrange College, LaGrange, Georgia, May 1933


I thank my sister, Barbara Jackson, for bringing this to my attention.

Nell Barrett (later Taylor) was my paternal grandmother.

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Taylor House, Summerville, Georgia   Leave a comment

Summerville House Perhaps 1950s

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


This is an undated photograph of the John D. Taylor, Sr.-Jr., house in Summerville, Georgia.  It seems to come from the 1960s.  The car is a 1959 Mercury which my grandfather, John Dodson Taylor, Jr. (1905-1976), bought in 1962 or 1963.  The Volkswagen belonged to Eugene Stoddard Taylor, Jr. (1928-2012).  The context seems to be a family reunion.

This was the house into which my grandfather, John D. Taylor, Jr., entered the world in 1905.  My grandmother, Nell Barrett Taylor spent most her life there also.  My father and uncle grew up there, and my mother, sister, and I lived there for a time.


Christmas 1976   Leave a comment

Christmas 1976 II-RT_edited-1

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Thanks to Uncle Randy for touching up the photograph!


With my sister and Santa Claus


Dining Room, Taylor House, Summerville, Georgia, 1969   Leave a comment

1969 01

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

My mother’s family visited my father’s family at Summerville, Georgia, in 1969.

These images might also interest those involved in the restoration of that structure during the next few days.




1969 02

1969 03

1969 04

1969 05

1969 06

1969 07


Vidette United Methodist Church, Vidette, Georgia   2 comments

Vidette UMC 01

Above:  My Father (John Dodson Taylor, III), and I; Then My Mother (Sally Taylor) and My Sister (Barbara)

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


My father served as pastor of the Vidette, Friendship, and Greens Cut United Methodist Churches from June 1980 to June 1982.



Vidette UMC 02

Vidette UMC 03


Vidette United Methodist Church Parsonage, Vidette, Georgia   5 comments

Vidette Parsonage 01

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Our family had to live in this miserable, poorly heated and cooled house from June 1980 to June 1982.



Vidette Parsonage 02

Vidette Parsonage 03

Vidette Parsonage 04


Christmas in Summerville   Leave a comment

Christmas 1976 I

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


The photographs were undated, but I estimate them to be of Christmas 1976–certainly no later than that.



Christmas 1976 II

Christmas 1976 III

Christmas 1976 IV

Christmas 1976 V

Christmas 1976 VI


Barbara and Me, Circa 1976   Leave a comment

Barbara and Me

Image Source = Randolph Fleming Taylor


Photograph dated circa 1976, by my estimation–before or after flying with Uncle Randy


Christmas 1977   2 comments

Christmas 1977

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Here is a family portrait from Christmas 1977.  The setting is the old family house in Summerville, Georgia.

From left to right:

John Dodson Taylor, III, my father;

Kenneth Randolph Taylor (me);

Barbara Taylor (now Jackson), my sister; and

Sally Taylor, my mother.



The Taylor House in 2004   1 comment

Taylor House 2004 I

Above:  The Taylor House in 2004

This Image and the Other One Courtesy of Randolph Fleming Taylor

I think of an old joke.  Two mature women–neighbors–were speaking across a fence.  One commented that she liked being married to an archaeologist.

The older I become, the more interesting he finds me,

she said.

Older women, in my experience, enjoy that joke more than younger women.

My ancestral family home–which goes back to the 1890s, with stages of construction and one of demolition (there was another wing, removed in the early 1960s)–is like a mature woman and I am like the archaeologist in the joke–I like old buildings.  And I, who have the floor plan committed to memory, want to see the old structure restored to grand dame status.  May house allies in Summerville, Georgia, succeed!  My family–from John D. Taylor, Sr., and his wife, “Hattie,” through my grandparents, John D. Taylor, Jr., and Nell Barrett Taylor, would approve.  And members of the generation preceding mine–my father, my uncle, and my mother–and of my generation also approve.

Taylor House 2004 II