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Christmas, Vidette, Georgia, 1981   2 comments


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This afternoon, while sorting through the family archives again, I found this photograph, from Christmas 1981.

We see a portion of the den, a narrow and long room in the middle of one side of the small house, with a view into the dining room, a space of which I have little recollection.  The closed-up fireplace with the mantle, for example, surprises me.  I am, however, thinking about a space I left in June 1982, at the age of nine years, so I have a valid excuse.

I remember much in this photograph, however.  I recall the old-style cabinet television set, with the infamous needle-nose pliers, for changing the channel, vividly.  How could I forget the infernal needle-nose pliers?  I also remember the shelves above the television well.  I also recall that, in Vidette, we had few channels–three networks and PBS.  I remember that that there was often little worth watching on those.  There remains little worth watching today.  The main difference is the greater number of channels.



What Is Man?   1 comment

Column October 28, 1981

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


The True Citizen, Waynesboro, Georgia, October 28, 1981, Page 6B

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Waynesboro, Georgia, 1982   1 comment

Christian Unity 1982 01

The True Citizen, Waynesboro, Georgia, January 27, 1982

All Scans by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Christian Unity 1982 02

Christian Unity 1982 03


Tony the Turkey, 1980   1 comment

Tom the Turkey

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


I made this (obviously close in time to Thanksgiving) at Waynesboro Elementary School, Waynesboro, Georgia, during my Second Grade year.



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Buddy the Dog   1 comment

Buddy the Dog

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


We lived in Vidette, Georgia, from June 1980 to June 1982.  Here I am in the parsonage yard with Buddy the dog.


Vidette United Methodist Church, Vidette, Georgia   2 comments

Vidette UMC 01

Above:  My Father (John Dodson Taylor, III), and I; Then My Mother (Sally Taylor) and My Sister (Barbara)

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


My father served as pastor of the Vidette, Friendship, and Greens Cut United Methodist Churches from June 1980 to June 1982.



Vidette UMC 02

Vidette UMC 03


Vidette United Methodist Church Parsonage, Vidette, Georgia   5 comments

Vidette Parsonage 01

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Our family had to live in this miserable, poorly heated and cooled house from June 1980 to June 1982.



Vidette Parsonage 02

Vidette Parsonage 03

Vidette Parsonage 04