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An Avid Watcher of Birds   Leave a comment

Blackie May 21, 2016

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Blackie, my mother’s rescue cat, enjoys watching the avian visitors.



Helmut Albrecht Taylor (2015)   Leave a comment

Helmut October 30, 2015

Above:  Helmut Albrecht Taylor, October 30, 2015

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Good night, sweet prince:

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

–William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act V, Scene II, Lines 370 and 371


Below:  Helmut Albrecht Taylor, October 23, 2015

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Helmut October 23, 2015


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To All the Cats I Have Mourned   Leave a comment

Leslie January 1, 2015 03

Above:  Leslie Catherine Taylor (2014-2015), January 1, 2015

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor


To all the cats I have mourned–

Jean-Luc, Harry, Charlemagne,

Caesar, Duncan Gray, and Leslie Catherine–

whose lives enriched mine, and

whose lives I improved likewise–

You were my beloved children;

I know not what my life would have been

without your exquisite presence,

but I do know that your absence

has left me bereft of your graces.

Our time together was too brief,

and your parting cause for grief.

You were ministers of grace–

agents of God’s mercies–

your mere presence sufficed

when I needed to see a friendly face.

Your purring made me feel better

when I had fallen ill,

and your soft fur helped me

the grace of God concretely to see.

We dwell apart for now,

but I hope to reunite with you eventually.

May Heaven’s animal shelter

be to your liking, better than Earth,

and may we spend timeless afterlife

together in joy, liberated from the strife

and pain this side of Heaven.



My Feline Child   Leave a comment

My Feline Child

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Leslie Catherine Taylor,

my furry feline child,

will be my child forever,

half-wild, all-cat, half-mild.


She has joined the pantheon

of great cats I have known–

Jean-Luc, Harry, Charlemagne,

Caesar, and Duncan; done


are their lives on Earth yet they

remain my furry kinfolk;

those feline monarchs do reign

in my heart; death can’t revoke


their status as cat children

in my mind.  This tuxedo cat,

with her determination

to leave feral ways at


the altar of the past, has

chosen the better part.

And the black on her nose, paws’

pads, and her fur is art-


ful.  Her nose is pink and black,

her fur coat distinguished,

her manner no sweetness lacks;

she’s all I could have wished.




Below:  Leslie, September 30, 2014

Leslie September 30, 2014 02 Cropped

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Shadow of a Cat   Leave a comment

Shadow of a Cat

Above:  The Original Draft of the Poem

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


In the darkness of the night,

as I look at the window,

through which shines the outdoor light,

I see the back steps’ shadow,


and the shadow of a cat,

Leslie Catherine Taylor,

who might one day hunt a rat.

My friend cleans her feline fur,


sits on an elevated

step, taking in the view from

on high, then decides to get

a new view of her kingdom.



Leslie Catherine Taylor   Leave a comment

Leslie August 11, 2014 01

Leslie August 11, 2014 02

Above:  Leslie, August 11, 2014

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Leslie, who grew up outside my back door, has remained.  She lacked human contact during the crucial time of socializing to people, but daily feedings have done much to earn her confidence and increase her comfort level.  We have progressed to the point of playing with her; she swats at fingers.

Crystal, Leslie’s mother, has white fur, a blue eye, and a green eye.  She comes to the back door most days for food then leaves for her next destination.  At least she is sufficiently comfortable to do that much.

Below:  Crystal, August 11, 2014

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Crystal August 11, 2014 02

Crystal August 11, 2014 04



Leslie   1 comment


Above:  The Original Draft of the Poem

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Sleep, young Leslie, the afternoon away

in the soil beneath a rose-bush,

curled up smartly in the temperate shade.

You, a tuxedo cat, do brush


away all stress gently without effort.

The mere sight of you softens hearts,

melts fears, reduces worries, and comforts

the hurt.  You are a work of art.


And so, until I feed you the next time

and you eat favored food gladly,

do that which cats do best–be most sublime

while training we humans subtly.




Below:  Leslie, July 25, 2014

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Leslie--July 25, 2014 04

Leslie--July 25, 2014 03