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“What Is Your Life?”   1 comment

What is Your Life

Above:  The Original Document

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Jas. 4, 14

“He desired to make most of this life.”


Man is related to two worlds–here and hereafter.  Helpful and adverse forces play upon him.  Great responsibilities rest upon him.  Fearful consequences if he fails, glories if he succeeds.


Dedicate your life [to] God.  Be a good man.  Do not dare life without God.  You need his guidance and the strength he alone can give.  Ask him to show you what to do.

(1)  Hence be prayerful; keep in touch with him.

(2)  Be a man of our book.  Let the Bible furnish daily admonitions.  [There is] no other book like it.

(3)  Be sure you are unselfish.  Seek to serve in his name.  He that would be chief shall be the servant of all.

(4)  Concentrate your powers upon the task in hand until it is finished.  “This one thing I do.”


At last his “well done” will mean eternal bliss.  He will say if we do well.

“That will be glory for me.”


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Prayer of Prime Importance   3 comments

Prayer of Prime Importance

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My great-grandfather referred to the 1940 General Conference of The Methodist Church (1939-1968), for these sermon notes come from late 1938/early 1939 to 1942 set, and the Methodist General Conferences meet every four years.




1 Tim. 2, 1


The church faces the tragic needs of the world at home and abroad.  There are many and great needs.  The greatest is spiritual.  Only the church can be looked to to supply it.  “Ye who are spiritual restore such as one,” etc.  Others won’t and can’t if they would.


Paul would have us all begin in prayer.  We, the church, need to draw near to God in prayer.  We need a fresh experience of his grace until our hearts are strangely warmed.  We can’t lead others into an experience we do not have.  “That I may know him,” etc.


Pray “for all men.”  This is good and acceptable unto God.  The heart aglow with love for all men yearns for the salvation of the world.  Points for prayer suggested at the General Conference.


It will take importune prayer to overcome the sinfulness of men’s hearts.  “Pray without ceasing.”  The effectual fervent prayer…availeth much.”  (Jas. 5, 16)  “He will avenge them speedily.”  (Lk. 18, 8)

God knows such strong cries for his grace, as the experience of many has shown.

It is time for the church to get about his work in all prayerful earnestness.


Fixedness of Purpose   2 comments

Fixedness of Purpose

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Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Ps. 57, 7


To live in Christian life is certainly the wisest possible course to pursue–the richest life men know.  Revelation and the experiences of men emphasize it.


But there are many allurements, influences, to draw men away from it.  There is need to watch and pray that one may escape these snares.


Hence one should think seriously and make his decision for life, settle it in his heart to live right.  Take himself in hand and determine his course.  “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  Jas., 1, 8

(a)  “Looking unto Jesus” for wisdom and strength, remembering that we are weak and need help.  The choice and effort are ours.  God will supply all the grace we need.  “Keep close to Jesus all the way!”

(b)  Reflect how nothing is gained by living in sin, by conforming to the world.  All who have tried it found to their sorrow the hurt of sin.

(c)  This determination helps us when tempted to say no at once.  “No; I have settled it.  I am determined to live for God.  I shall spend my life in his service.”  It helped Joseph, David, and all whose hearts were fixed.

Is yours?


James   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


Chapter 1:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:


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The Promises of God   12 comments

2 Peter 1, 4

1.  The goodness of God through Jesus Christ is the basis of every offer of mercy.  In him all the promises are yea and amen.

2.  His promises cover every need of heart and life.  “Where sin abounded grace did much more abound.”

(1)  Promises pardon and cleansing to all who repent.  1 Jno. 1, 9; Prov. 2, 8 & 13; Deut. 4, 29

(2)  The Spirit to abide forever as a helper.  Are not left alone.

(3)  In temptation He will make a way of escape.  1 Cor. 10, 13; Jas. 1, 12; Rev. 3, 10; Luke 22, 28

(4)  Will be their help in trouble.  Deut. 33, 25; Job 5, 19; Ps. 91, 15-16; Ps. 138, 7; Isa. 43, 2-5.  Will cause all to work together for their good.

(5)  The resurrection is promised.  Land & sea shall give up their dead.

(6)  Heaven is distinctly promised to the righteous.

All His promises are to the children of God.  None are to the unrepentant.

What great grace offered on such easy terms!


Draw Nigh to God   1 comment


Above:  Good Shepherd, Between 1898 and 1946

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-matpc-06370


Jas. 4, 8

Do not men reverse the order and pray Him to draw nigh to us first?

1.  His is an attitude of concern for us.  He wants to bless us.  The shepherd glad to recover the lost sheep.  The father welcomes home the prodigal.

2.  But men are often concerned about other things and do not approach Him.  We may follow afar off and become wholly engrossed in other affairs.  We place our cares between us and Him.  Sin separates between us.

3.  Yet He will meet us if we will only seek Him.  Hence the call:  “Cleanse your hands ye sinners” (v. 8).  Put away what separates us.  With man seeking Him and He seeking man, they will not long remain apart.  “He that seeketh findeth.”

4.  While he invites let us put away everything that hinders us and Him, that prevents our drawing near to Him.

Seek Him with all the heart.  We need Him every hour and can’t do without Him.


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Save a Soul from Death   1 comment


Above:  The Seven Sins, by Edwin Austin Abbey (1852-1911), 1902

Sir Galahad Fighting the Seven Sins to Free the Virtues

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-133677


James 5, 19-20

1.  All are born in sin, else Christ would not have died for all.

(a)  This sin is not incorrect opinions but disobedience, deeds and thoughts.  Not of the head but of the heart.

(b)  A multitude of sins.  Condemned therefore.  Error thereof leadeth to death.

2.  But Christ is the Saviour of all who repent and believe.  His blood cleanseth from all sin.  Man may accept Him.  Saved from the power & stains of sin.

3.  It is a Christian duty and privilege to try to save the lost–to help God reach and rescue them.  Throw out the life-line.  Declare their peril.  Point them to the Lamb of God.  By example, prayers, exhortation, or send him the gospel.  Thus men are saved as God adds the Spirit’s power.  Oh! for more godly concern for the sinner!

4.  Results–

(a)  save a soul from death–eternal death.  To do it Christ died; do we [keep] hands off?  While we do men are dying eternally?

(b)  Hide a multitude of sins–his and that of others he might influence to sin–blotted out forever.  Is it worthwhile?  Let’s not go to heaven alone!!



Jas. 5, 19 & 20

1.  All are sinners, else Christ would not have died for all.  “All have sinned.”

(a)  Sin is not incorrect opinions, but disobedience, deeds, & thoughts or purposes.  Not of the head but of the heart.

(b)  Sin is not one but a multitude–“legion.”

(c)  The sinner is condemned, and

(d)  “the error of his way leadeth to death eternal.

2.  But Christ is the Saviour of all who repent and believe.  His blood cleaseth from all sin.

3.  It is a Christian duty to seek to save the lost.  Throw out the lifeline.  Declare their danger and point them to the Lamb of God.  By example, prayer, exhortation, or sending them to the gospel.  God uses these constantly as instruments for good.  He needs you and will make you a blessing if you will but be used of Him.

4.  Result–save a soul from death and hide a multitude of sins.  What a happy result!  What a sublime mission is ours!  He will be happier forever therefor.  Men are dying all about us.  Let’s save some.  Let’s not go to Heaven alone, but take along all we can.


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Enduring Temptation   1 comment

Jas. 1, 12

1.  Temptations or trials will come.  Sin is here and we must meet it.  Why we may not know.

2.  Who endures is blessed.  No one should rush into temptation; we are to pray “deliver us from evil and lead us not into temptation,” but when it comes to us we must endure combat and overcome it.  In this we are blessed.

(1)  Thus one knows himself, his weak point.

(2)  He learns the reality and power of divine grace.  “My grace is sufficient.”  Thus one’s faith is strengthened.  This is a great blessing.

(3)  Thus one’s will is tempered by the divine will, more submissive.  “Might sift thee.”  “Whom the Lord loveth he chastiseth.”  This refining process.

(4)  An eternal reward when his testing is over.  Refined as gold he shall forever enjoy deliverance from evil, and the glories of heaven.

Let no one dare meet temptation alone.  Lean upon God for grace to endure.


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