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An Easter Message   Leave a comment


Above:  Easter Vigil, St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Georgia, March 30, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



Before the early day-dawn

Pushed back night’s sable pall,

The women, worn with weeping,

Came past the city’s wall.

Bereft and broken-hearted,

From their eyes sleep had fled,

And they could wait no longer

T’anoint their precious dead.


With fragrant spices laden

They hasten toward the tomb

Forgetting in their eagerness

The guard and seal of Rome,

But one, at last, remembers–

“O, who shall roll away

The stone?” she cries.  The others

Gaze at her in disarray.


But still they hasten onward,

Search knowing why they do–

Not one, nor all, could move it,

Rome’s seal forbade them, too.

In morning’s first faint glimmer

They reach their journey’s end,

And lo, the tomb is empty!

Oh where, where is their Friend?


While stunned and terror-stricken

They stand in helpless grief,

A messenger from heaven

Brings to their hearts’ relief.

He said, “Fear not.  Why seek ye

The living ‘mongst the dead?

Your Lord’s not here, but risen,

Even as He hath said


“Go ye:  tell his disciples

He goeth on before,

And if they will not follow,

They’ll find their Lord once more.”

We, too, may claim the message

To them by angels given–

We’ll find Him if we follow:

Here, first, and then in heaven.


To a Superannuate   Leave a comment

To a Superannuate (1)

Above:  The First Page of the Original Copy

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Long has been thy toilsome journey,

O thou veteran of the cross.

Bravely thou hast borne thy burdens,

Murm’ring not at pain or loss,

Whene’er these have been thy portion;

But in faith calm and serene

Thou hast looked beyond the earthly,

Into glories yet unseen.


And now, O brave Christian soldier,

Upon this, thy natal day,

Hosts of souls whom thou hast rescued

Lift their hearts to God and pray–

“Bless, oh, bless him, Heavenly Father,

And his every need supply;

Many years yet may he linger

E’er he goes to dwell on high,


“For we need his saintly presence;

Need to hear his shepherd-voice

Speaking unto us thy message,

Bidding penitents rejoice.

When for him swing wide the portal,

And before Thy judgment seat

He, with all the sheaves he’s garnered,

Stands in Christ our Lord complete,

Hears Thee bid him, ‘Welcome! Welcome!’

As his crown of life is given,

Grant that we his steps may follow,

Let us all meet him in heaven.”


Day By Day   Leave a comment


Above:  The Right Reverend Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta, at St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, Blairsville, Georgia, February 16, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



Day by day my Saviour keeps me,

Day by day His cleansing power

O’er sin and its defilement

Gives me vic’try every hour.


Day by day He keeps me singing,

And His love doth me sustain,

E’en when storms of life sweep o’er me,

And my heart is torn by pain.


Day by day He bids me serve Him,

Foll’wing whensoe’er He leads.

Day by day His strength’s perfected

In my weakest words and deeds.


Day by day He draws me nearer:

Nearer to His pierced side.

Day by day, O blessed Master,

Let me walk and talk with Thee.

Day by day live in Thy presence

Now, as through eternity.


Abide With Me, O Master   Leave a comment


Above:  The Right Reverend Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta, at St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, Blairsville, Georgia, February 16, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



Abide with me, O Master,

Throughout each weary day;

Shine through my eyes,

Let not my lips

Thy constant love betray

By uttered word of dark distrust;

But e’en through all my pain

Witness to Thy sustaining grace

Till I am healed again.

Then, as a prisoned bird set free,

Trills forth in joyous song,

This happy heart,

So may my life

In love Thy praise prolong.




O Christ of All the Ages   Leave a comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

Image in the Public Domain


O Christ of all the ages,

Unchanging to the end,

Let glory, laud, and honor

From every tongue ascend.


Let every heart adore Thee,

And every knee bend low;

With tears of deep contrition,

Let every eye o’er flow.


For Thou has borne our sorrows,

Our sicknesses hast healed,

Our sins were laid upon Thee,

Our pardon Thou hast sealed.


Henceforth, of life eternal

We are joint-heirs with Thee,

And with Thee through the ages,

May God the Father see.


O grant that every nation

In homage soon shall sing

“All glory, praise, and honor

To our Redeemer, King.”


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Above:  St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, Blairsville, Georgia, February 16, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



O God, my comforter and guide,

Our refuge when oppressed,

The Rock of Ages, ‘neath whose shade,

May way-worn trav’lers rest.


From infancy to hoary age

Thy love our path attends,

Thy everlasting arms support

As ’till life’s journey ends.


To Thee we lift our burdened hearts,

To Thee our songs we raise.

For in Thy presence, gracious Lord,

Petition turns to praise.


Jesus, Lord of Little Children (II)   Leave a comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

Image in the Public Domain


Jesus, Lord of little children,

Lord today, as yesterday,

From Thy radiant throne in glory

Bend to hear us while we pray.


Jesus, Lord of little children,

Through Thy love so full and sweet,

May the children of all nations

Come to worship at Thy feet.


By the shores of blue Genesaret,

On their heads Thy hands were laid;

On Thy tender arms wee babies,

Nestled gladly, unafraid.



Jesus, Master, we Thy children,

Lift our praises now to Thee,

And we long to spread the knowledge

Of Thy love beyond the sea.



Help us tell the story, Master,

May our lips and lives proclaim

Thy great love.  And may all children

Learn to know and love Thy name.


Flitting Time   Leave a comment


Above:  A Bird’s Nest

Image Source = Wikinoby



Long ago, one summer evening,

With the children ’round my knee,

I watched a mother bird attending

To her brood assiduously.


To and fro, from nest to meadow,

And from meadow back to nest

Flew she, until twilight warned her

It was time to go to rest.


And I wondered if that mother

Bird would grieve when, some bright day,

Her children should spread wide their wings,

Leave the nest, and fly away.


Now I think I know the answer,

For my nestlings soon will fly

From the nest.  E’en now they’re opening

Strong young winds exultantly,


While I’m watching them and helping

To make ready as I can;–

My own dreary heartache hidden

Underneath their merry plan.


They must flit just as the birds do;

‘Tis God’s plan and it is right,

But my nest will be as lonely

With the fall of each twilight.


There will be no youthful voices

Bidding “pleasant dreams,–goodnight,”

And no tender forms to cover

From the night wind’s chilling blight.


Still, for me remains this comfort–

Each of them is Jesus’ own;

Each one owns Him Lord and Master,

In each heart He has a throne.


And at last, beyond the river,

Where no partings ever come;

There I shall, with not one missing,

Once more have them all at home.


A Penitent’s Prayer (Luke 18:13)   1 comment

Mea Culpa

Above:  The Congregational Prayer of Confession in Latin, from The CTS New Sunday Missal:  People’s Edition With the New Translation of the Mass (London, England, UK:  Catholic Truth Society, 2011), Page 522

…through my fault, through my fault,

through my grievous fault….

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


O God, be merciful to me;

Hear Thou a penitent’s sad plea:

I lift my sin-stained heart to Thee–

O God, be merciful to me.


Unworthy of Thy lightest grace

I dare not lift unto Thy face

My eyes,–but from this far-off place

Cry, God be merciful to me.


My doom is just, I have no claim

To mercy, save in Jesus’ name,

For me he bore the sin and shame,

O God, be merciful to me.


He paid the price on Calvary,

My shackled soul from sin to free,

This is my one, my only plea,

O God, be merciful to me.


Hark! Hark! Within a still, small voice,

“Because thou has made me thy choice,

Thou art forgiv’n.”–my soul rejoice,

For God is merciful to me.




Emory Boys   Leave a comment

Glenn Memorial Church

Above:  Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, on the Campus of Emory University, Decatur, Georgia

Image in the Public Domain


Dedicated to the Emory Boys

O who are we?  Why don’t you know?

Stop, look, and listen!  Ere you go

Your eyes and ears will tell you so,

We’re Emory boys!  We’re Emory boys!


Emory boys! We’re Emory boys!

Although much work our time employs,

School days for us hold many joys.

We’re Emory boys! We’re Emory boys!


The gold and blue we proudly wear,

And scatter sunshine everywhere:

Stop, look, and listen! Take you share

From Emory boys! From Emory boys!



In years to come, when we’re a host

That’s spread abroad from coast to coast,

Stop. look, and listen! ‘Tis our boast:

We’re Emory Boys! We’re Emory boys!