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Songs from a Parsonage Kitchen

Above:  The Cover of Songs from a Parsonage Kitchen

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor




This weblog has grown greatly in scope and in number of posts since I created it in August 2011.  Now it has over 800 posts, with the pathway to exceeding 1000 posts not only possible, but marked out by texts I have collected and by other items I have stored in albums yet not added yet.  For now I am choosing to let unpublished sermon outlines by my great-grandfather, George Washington Barrett, sit in their folders as I add to the weblog the contents (minus internal duplicates) of my great-grandmother’s collection, Songs from a Parsonage Kitchen.  Many of these are religious texts; others are lullabies and sundry secular poems.  There is even a letter to the editor of The Atlanta Constitution in 1920.  I have applied my historical research methods and skills to that one, trying to understand the historical context of it.  My only reservation in that in that case is that I have, despite my best efforts, been unable to locate the text to which she responded, so I have only one side of the story.  C’est la vie, malheuresment!  For the sake of completeness I would prefer to have found the text which prompted her letter.

Reading and publishing writings of my ancestors has imparted a sense of who they were at certain times in their lives.  That is a great gift, one for which I am very grateful.



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