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The Open Door   1 comment

Open Door

Above:  The Original Document

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


1 Cor. 16, 9


Paul would tarry at Ephesus, for there he had a great opportunity–to preach the word–a willingness to hear the word.  A God-given opportunity.  This made it imperative for him.


Then the need was so great.  The people needed the message, that they might believe and be saved.

“Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  To proclaim the gospel is of greatest importance.


We see something of our unfinished task–the sinfulness of the people at home and abroad.  So many are in sin and so many know not the good news–live so far below the standard of love set forth in the gospel.  What an appeal is here!


We have confidence in our Lord’s power to save and solve the problems of the world.  With such a Lord and Saviour no case is hopeless, where he is properly preached.  Here is the rub–properly to preach him to the people.  Hence Paul’s resolve to enter this open door.

The church must so present Christ as to lead men to the high life in Him.


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1 Corinthians   1 comment

1 Corinthians

Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Rejecting God’s Overtures   5 comments


Above:  Two Yoked Oxen Between 1860 and 1900

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Prov. 29, 1

1.  God reproves men in sin many times as by His providences the gospel conviction of the Holy Spirit, warnings of friend, etc.  He is in earnest about it all.  It is not mere advice but is a command.

2.  But men do not always heed him; they often “refuse and rebel,” reject the easy yoke He gives.  “Ye would not,” said Christ to Jerusalem.  “Ye would not come to me.”  “Ye do always resist the Holy Spirit.”  All who are in sin do just this.  They reject the messenger and his message; hence [they] reject Him who sent it.

3.  But man must “repent or perish.”  “Saul, it is hard for thee to kick against the goads.”  “He that hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed,” broken as a potter’s vessel that cannot He mend.  Jer. 19, 11; Isa. 30, 14.  Who rejects Christ rejects his only hope–thus the Jews destroyed their own nation.

4.  “Without remedy.”  What more can be done for those who reject the gospel?  There is nothing left for God to do but to let them suffer from their own folly.  Prov. 1, 31; Amos 4, 12; 1 Cor. 16, 1.

Then heed His warnings, yield to His overtures ere it be too late, and be saved eternally.


Responsibility Equals Opportunity   1 comment

The baptism of the Eunuch  *oil on panel  *64 x 47.5 cm  *signed b.r.: RH 1626

Above:  The Baptism of the Eunuch, by Rembrandt van Rijn


1 Cor. 16, 9

1.  Life’s opportunities for good are God-given.  He is sovereign and opens the way.  When He told Philip to go toward the desert He prepared the way before him.

2.  Opportunity measures responsibility.  What God makes possible for the church to perform He undoubtedly demands of her.  “A great door open unto me,” means a great responsibility placed upon me.  Let this fix itself in our minds.

3.  The church today has a great door open unto her.  Such an hour the world has never seen before.  God has gotten all things ready, unless it be that the church is not ready to improve the hour.  Great opportunities are here today.  They are thrust upon her; she has not sought them.  To save them she must do her best.

(1)  Foreign Missions a God-given opportunity.  God’s providence lays it upon the church.  Will she deny Him now?

(2)  Home Missions are important.  To convince men abroad of its power to save the gospel must do its work at home.  The aliens who come, our slums, and our country districts must be reached.

(3)  The Sunday School a great door.  Will all the church ever see it, and enter this work?  We must do it for Him.


Man’s Duty to Love Christ   1 comment

Medieval Christ in Majesty

Above:  Medieval Christ in Majesty


1 Cor. 16, 22


It is a plain command–“Love the Lord with all thy heart.”  Based upon his nature.  Thus we acknowledge the testimony of the Father.

Not to live him is sin against our own souls, moral suicide to reject our only hope of salvation.

II.  What is it to love him?

1.  Renewing of the soul till one gladly obeys and adores him, a fruit of the Spirit.

2.  A recognition of his office and work.

III.  The penalty for not loving him.

1.  “Let him be accursed”–devoted to death.  He abides under condemnation and is exposed to danger.  Nothing else left him since he rejects his only Saviour.

2.  He will be devoted to death in the world to come.  “These shall go away into everlasting punishment.”

IV.  Give him thy heart; love him and honor him.

Why not love him?  He loved you and gave his life for you.  By so much you [are] obligated to love him.


The Great and Effectual Door   1 comment

1 Cor. 16, 9

This is Paul’s reason for staying at Ephesus till Pentecost.

I.  “A great door,” opportunity

1.  Paul improved a God-given opportunity.

2.  He occupied strategic points.

3.  Christians today have a life opportunity.  All heathendom are Macedonia.  “The sides of the world are taken down.”  “Love God and man.”  Hence one’s interest in souls the index of his heart.

Expectation bright & responsibility great.

II.  “Effectual door.”  The gospel succeeds everywhere men are helped by it.  Is not ashamed of its fruits.  New Hebrides & Tigers.  Gospel’s jewels mark its path through the nations and ages.

III.  “Many adversaries.”  Another reason for serving the Ephesians.  A weak faith cries abandon those who persecute Christian laborers.  Opposition to the gospel stirred Paul’s heart; the greater need.  The devil never yields without protest.

IV.  He saw the result of his labor.  He shall too–a prodigal world brought back to Christ.  Let us enter every open door till the world is redeemed.