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We Belong to God   1 comment

We Belong to God

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1 Cor. 6, 20


God created us.  This invests him with all the rights of ownership.

He has preserved us, kept us alive, and supplied our needs.

Ye are bought with a price–the death of his Son.

Certainly we belong to God.  He alone has any right over us.  We should recognize this and yield gladly our all to him and do his will.


Satan wants to sway us and rule our lives, have his way.

He is an imposter, a usurper.

We never were under obligation to him.  He has never done us anything but hurt.  He means us no good, but our ultimate destruction.  To yield to him is rebellion against God–the best Father and Friend we can ever have.


“Glorify God.”  This is the object of our being.  We are the crown of creation and our highest reach is to glorify God in the world.  How?  

(1)  By living for him, showing forth his grace in our lives.  No one can gainsay a righteous life.

(2)  By telling others of his love and goodness, how he saves us and gives us peace and victory.

“Taste and sea that the Lord is good.”


1 Corinthians   1 comment

1 Corinthians

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