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Christ Is All to Believers   6 comments

Christ is All to Believers

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1 Peter 2, 7


Christ the foundation whereon we build our spiritual house.  “Other foundation can no may lay”–(1 Cor. 3, 11).  “None other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4, 12).  Christ alone!


The condition is faith that yields all to him, trusts him fully for salvation–an act of the whole man–intellect, emotion and will.  None other has the authority and power to save.  None other has died to redeem us.  Look to him and live.  Christ or chaos.


To all who believe, who trust in him for salvation, as Lord and Saviour, “he is precious”–an honour, is our sufficiency.

(1)  They have their sins forgiven by the blood of the Lamb.  Guilt no longer rests upon them.  “Though your sins be as scarlet” (Isa. 1, 18).  “He is faithful and jut to forgive us,” etc (1 Jno. 1, 9).

(2)  Become the sons and daughters of the Lord Almighty–adopted into the family of God.

What a blessed relationship, what an honour!  Who is not happy in such an experience?!

“My soul shall make the boast in the Lord.”  Ps. 34

“He that believeth on him shall not be ashamed” (v6).


1 Peter   1 comment

1 Peter

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The Care of the Soul   3 comments

1 Peter 2, 11

1.  We are only sojourners & pilgrims here.  For a while we tabernacle here, but this is not our permanent abode.  Our care must be to further ourselves spiritually.  Conduct here relates to this & the future life.

2.  The soul is of supreme importance.  This is man’s glory over the lower animals.  Morals determine destiny.  “The soul,” not “the flesh,” is of greatest worth.

3.  There certainly are “lusts”–desires that war against the soul.  It is a fact of revelation & everyday experience–see 1 Jno. 2, 13-17.  We must be open-eyed here.  We have enemies and must be on our guard lest they harm us.

4.  Our lives should be wrought out carefully for the good of the soul.  Every tendency that is away from God should not be allowed.

In all bodily exercise and mental conquest all that hinders the soul’s highest development must be outlawed; the direct conquest of the vices of the heart is supremely urgent.

5.  Do it also for the sake of your influence (v. 12).  Else you will be a stumbling block.  Live so that God can boast of you to the devil himself–Job 1, 8 & 2, 3.


Subjection of the Body   5 comments


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1 Cor. 9, 27

1.  The participants in the Olympian Games disciplined the body that they might succeed.  But only one could win.  In the heavenly race all may win.  By this all ought to be encouraged.

2.  In both races there are conditions to be met, rules to be observed.  Otherwise the runner will not be approved.  We can’t afford to ignore this.

3.  In the Christian life the body, as the seat of sin, which wars against the soul, is to be crucified:  is to be the servant, not the master of the soul.  Natural appetites, the afflictions–are to be subordinated to conscious right or wrong.  See Rom. 8, 13 & 7, 23; Gal. 5, 7; Col. 3, 5-11; 1 Peter 2, 11.

Christ would not invert the divine order of life by feeding his body, though very hungry, contrary to the spiritual man.  It all hinges on our Father’s approval now and at life’s close, the end of the race.

4.  One degree of grace is no absolute guarantee of another, nor of its own continuance.  Paul knew the need of subjecting the body to the soul’s interest.  He knew he must meet these conditions if he be approved at the last.  Let us lay these words to heart!  See that no evil spirit enter and spoil our lives!