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1 Peter 4

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Every forward religious movement begins in the church–in the heart of believers.  It is to them men look for leadership.


Hence they must be begotten ready for the work.

(1)  They must lay the cause to heart, must be deeply concerned about it.  Else no one will pay the price.  They must see the needs–the work to be done, must get it on their hearts.

(2)  There must be a deep searching of heart to see if we are in such state as God can use us.  Sin, even hidden sin, will defeat God in our hearts and lives.  It will insulate our souls.

Hence judgment begins at the house of God.  God begins there and men look there.  Any wrong attitude or spirit in us must be repented of.  We must not be stumbling blocks.

(3)  Do we allow anything that does not please our Lord?  So what we think of Christ is important.  Can a holy Christ find pleasure in all we are and do?  Our unkind, unbrotherly attitudes and deeds?

(4)  Pray him to look into your heart and see if there is anything there that should not be.   Ps. 139, 23-24

Let the great forward movement begin in our hearts today and continue until it sweeps all around the world.


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1 Peter

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