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“And This is the Promise That He Hath Promised Us, Even Eternal Life.”   3 comments

And This is the Promise

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1 Jno. 2, 25

“And this is the record that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.”  1 Jno. 5, 11

“These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life.”  1 Jno. 5, 13

“Fight the good fight of faith; lay hold on eternal life.”  1 Tim. 6, 12

“And these shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into life–eternal life.”–Matt. 25, 46


Eternal life–28 times

Everlasting life–14 times

Eternal glory–3 times

Eternal salvation–2 times

Eternal inheritance–1 time

Eternal judgment–1 time

Eternal damnation–1 time

Eternal fire–1 time

Everlasting consolation–1 time

Everlasting habitations–1 time

Everlasting destruction–1 time

Everlasting punishment–1 time

Everlasting fire–1 time




Not Rich Toward God   2 comments

Not Rich Toward God

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Luke 12, 21


Wealth can be a great blessing.  Rightly used it is a power for good.  But there is danger that one will set his heart on it and forget God and eternal values.


The man in this parable set his heart on his holdings as if they were the power of security and happiness.  “What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits” (verse 17).  Selfishness blinded his eyes to his opportunities for doing good.  He could have done much good helping the needy.  His own soul would have been enlarged utterly–1 Tim. 6, 17-19.

No; he will conserve it; “eat, drink, and be merry.”  “Thou fool; this night shall thy soul be required of thee.”  He went into eternity among the poorest of the poor.  He took none of it with him!


“Not rich toward God.”

To be rich in love to God and man in high unselfish thinking and purpose and in service to others–these are the true riches.  Death cannot take it away.  We will take this wealth with us into eternity.  All may possess this treasure whether rich in this world’s goods or poor.

“Set your affections on things above and enjoy the true riches now & forever.”


1 Timothy   1 comment

1 Timothy

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Chapter 6:


The Good Fight of Faith   2 comments


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I know that my great-grandfather would have disapproved of the milkshake with alcohol I sampled recently.  I passed on it after several sips because of the taste, not any moral objection.  I have consumed alcohol without ever becoming intoxicated.  Most of what I have sampled simply tastes too bad for me to want more.  So I prefer simple tea instead.




Eph. 6, 10-20 and 1 Tim. 6, 12

This is Paul’s favorite figure.  The Christian life is a warfare–not against flesh and blood but against “spiritual hosts of wickedness”–Eph. 6, 12.  To win this fight one must be in desperate earnestness.

1.  Fight a defensive warfare.  Sin assails us personally; we must repel its assaults.  To yield is death.  There is no hope for one who fails here.

2.  Fight an aggressive warfare.

(a)  Take the strongholds of sin for our captain.  Public evils that harm souls must be drive from our land.  e.g, the saloons and lawlessness

(b)  Sin in the hearts of others must arouse our hearts.  We must do all we can to bring them to Jesus that he may cast out Satan.  Somebody ought to care that others are unsaved.

3.  We must have spiritual weapons.

(a)  Take the sword of the Spirit, God’s word.  Without it we have no weapon with which to fight.

(b)  Prayer is indispensable.  In so doing we receive strength for the conflict.  The great battles are won through prayer.

4.  The soldier has a sure reward, even eternal life:  worth the greatest cost.  Be intelligent, brave & loyal soldiers.


The Deceitfulness of Riches   1 comment


Above:  Front of the U.S. $10,000 Bill, 1934

2012 Purchasing Power of $10,000 from 1934 = $171,000



I think I know what my great-grandfather would have said about many activities on Wall Street in recent years–credit default swaps, short selling, naked short selling, excessive compensation for CEOs of failing and corrupt corporations.  I agree with him.




1 Tim. 6. 9-10

1.  All action springs from desire or love–in the moral realm from benevolent or malevolent affections.

2.  God demands the enthronement of himself in the life.  This properly relates all questions; all questions take their rightful place.

3.  Many disobey, setting the heart on mammon and longingly plan to be rich.  This is practical idolatry and may be the root of any evil.

4.  This love of money distorts the whole view of life, “which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith.”  Nothing regarded worthwhile that does not pay financially.  “Fall into many a temptation and a snare” to do wrong.

(1)  Temptation to gamble finds him an easy prey.  Betting wrong–an effort to get something for nothing.

(2)  Buying cotton futures a modern phase.  This is gambling straight.

(3)  Commercialized life widespread–children–education too.  If this dominates us worse things await us.

5.  Destruction of life and character.  Remorse and despair.  “Pierced through with many sorrows.”  Perdition at last.

Love not the world, but God.