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Things of Good Report   2 comments

Things of Good Report

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Phils. 4, 8


Man an animal that thinks–wise or otherwise.  Many helpful lines of thought, others hurtful.  “As a man thinketh.”  Thoughts come to fruitage in character–come out in words and deeds.


We should wisely choose our thinking.

(a)  Never dwell on low, course, vulgar, questionable, sinful things.  Flee from these–2 Cor. 10, 5.  Rise above all such.

(b)  Think on what is of good report–that which meets the approval of noble souls.  It is here–the beautiful, true, useful, good.  It elevates minds and character, makes right living easier.  Consecrate your best effort to these high things.

(c)  Reading choice literature a great help–the Bible, other devotional matter, the Hymn Book, output of the religious press, biographies of great, good men.  “Improve in the best things.”

“Reading makes a full reward.”  “Overcome evil with good.”  Crowd out the evil with the good.

Noble thoughts are helpful company.

Pray for help in your efforts.


2 Corinthians   1 comment

2 Corinthians

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Christ Among the Candlesticks   5 comments

Rev. 1, 12-16

1.  Definitions–

Candlesticks are the churches.

Seven stars are the ministers–angels.

Two-edged sword is his word –Heb. 4, 12.

“Son of man”–the same Jesus, caring for, helping and counselling his people.  Kingly & priestly in his apparel.

2.  Jesus’ concern in heaven is for the churches.  On earth his works, sufferings and death were for it.  Now he intercedes for it, considers it state.  Would men could feel how he is concerned for it.

3.  Holds the seven stars in his hand.  Not for their own sakes simply, but for the sake of the church.  They must deliver his message, not their work and for the increase.  Through them he would send his message to the churches.

4.  Sharp two-edged sword–such is his word–Heb. 4, 12; Eph. 6, 17; Isaiah 49, 2.  This is the weapon with which Christ will subdue his enemies; no carnal weapon is needed–2 Cor. 10, 4.  May not be comfortable as it pierces the soul, but its work is salvation when heeded.

5.  Countenance as the sun in his strength.  Before Him no evil can stand.  Is the source of all life, reviving every drooping flower.  Shine on us, thou Sun or Righteousness!!