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Ecclesiastes 12, 1; 2 Corinthians 6, 2b   2 comments

Ecclesiastes-2 Corinthians

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…behold, now is the accepted time; behold now is he day of salvation.

Authorized Version


Proneness to forget our need of God.  Things of the world press upon us and demand our attention.  When we do think of him we yield to the suggestion of Satan to put it off.  He urges delay.


We are very dependent on God.  We greatly need his blessings–providential and his his saving power.  We should give him our hearts without delay.  He wants the life–whole life.

(a)  “Remember now thy Creator.”  Don’t put off so great a matter.  Delay is dangerous.  It will add to our indifference, until after a while we will lose all interest in the matter.  Then it will be very difficult to arouse any concern about it all.

(b)  Choosing God as our portion while young, and the younger the better, has great advantages.  (1)  It saves from many offenses and other hurt.  (2)  It gives more time to become more like Christ and become strong.  (3)  It gives us more time in which to do good in his name.


Why spend a day in sin?  There is no need of it.  “Now is the accepted time.  Today is the day of salvation.”  God is ready now.  Begun right now.  He will pardon and save now.



Response to His Grace   1 comment

Response to His Grace

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2 Cor. 6, 1b

…beseech you also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.

Authorized Version


Grace–divine favor–here especially that which comes through the death of Christ.  How unsearchable is its fullness–greater than we can ask or think.  It is offered unto all without money and without price.  God proclaims it by his ministers.


Paul begs us not to receive it “in vain.”  It is in vain when we do not receive it by faith and let it produce in us needed results.

(1)  Believe it–accept it as true and respond to it from the heart.  We need just what it will do for us–deliver us from sin and make us more and more like our Lord in (a) love to God and man, (b) that we fall not short of the glory of God.

(2)  Become faithful servants of God–true to him and his cause in the earth.  To prove God’s grace to him had not been in vain; Paul adds:  “I labored more abundantly than they all.”

What reward has God for all he has done for us, if we do nothing for him?

May we respond to his grace and live for him in all things–keep busy serving him.


2 Corinthians   1 comment

2 Corinthians

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This is the Day of Salvation   1 comment


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I deny the existence of neither Heaven nor Hell, but neither do I deny the possibility that grace can do its work postmortem.  As I have written elsewhere on this weblog, my great-grandfather’s opinions are not necessarily mine.



2 Cor. 6, 2 & Matt. 13, 16-17


It is the teaching of scripture that Jesus came to save us in his life and that we are not forced to wait till the next world.

1.  We meet sin and its disturbances here.  Hence we need “a present help in trouble.”  Life is a torment with the knowledge of sin if thee is no deliverance.

2.  The world greatly needs the blessing of redeemed lives.  Hence Jesus prayed:  “Keep them from the evil.”

3.  We are to be acquitted or condemned at last for life here.


Hence it appears what a blessing that we have a present salvation.  Jesus is the Messiah, this is His day and the acceptable time–the day of salvation.

1.  If he is able to save at all why can’t he save now?  Our salvation is by grace; not by transportation, or environment.  He is not dependent upon these things.

2.  He who is saved here is saved for all worlds.  This truth is everywhere accepted.  But the other side of it is also true, viz:  who is not saved in this life is not saved at all.

How is it with your soul?