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Divine Equipment   1 comment

Divine Equipment

Above:  Part of the Original Text

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Acts 1, 8


The superhuman task.  Jesus, the Head of the Church, commissioned her to carry on his work after this departure.  “As the Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”  He died for all; now they are to tell it to all.  Espouse the right; oppose the wrong.  What a task!!


They must have adequate equipment–power to prevail.  Sin is strongly entrenched and powerful.  They need guidance and power.  Without both they are insufficient:  with these they shall prevail.

(1)  Power to realize Christ lives and is an ever-present help.  The Spirit did that for them.

(2)  Power to testify of him and prevail with men to yield to him.

(3)  Power to edify believers and build them up that they may render valiant service.

Many problems will arise.  Heavenly wisdom will be needed to solve them.

Worldwide problems confront the church today.  Only the Gospel can solve them.  The guidance and power of the Spirit are essential.  May he help the church in this needful time and speed the coming of a better day.


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Acts of the Apostles

Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Willing, the Condition of Power   2 comments

Ps. 110, 3

1.  Displays of Divine power depend upon God’s readiness to bestow and man’s willingness to receive & use.

(1)  He is the great powerhouse of the universe.  Without Him nothing is, or can be–man can do nothing.

(2)  He would bestow His power upon man for his salvation and that of the world–for His every work.  How He helps man fight sin!  (Acts 1,8)

2.  With man rests the condition. “He delighteth in mercy”–is every ready to lend his aid.  But is man always as ready to receive?  There’s the rub.  Man’s deliverance is in his own hands as to receiving or rejecting help.  History illustrates this.  When did not God pour out a blessing when men moved Him by meeting the conditions?

3.  Is His blessing worth having?  Is it worthwhile, after all?  Do we need it?  Yea, how utterly hopeless without it!

Shall we not get rid of everything that hinders and open our hearts to receive His blessing?


Power By the Spirit   1 comment

Acts 1, 8

1.  The Spirit imparts all power that we receive.  The only divine agent used in the salvation of men.  He quickens by the truth.

2.  The disciples were commanded to wait for the coming of the Spirit, when they would receive needed power.  Without it they were not equipped.

3.  Power to apprehend Christ and make him a conscious power in the life to overcome sin.  He convicts of sin and enables the penitent to lay hold of Christ–testifies of Christ.

4.  Power to testify of Him–to make Him so real to one’s consciousness that he can’t but speak the truth.  If the Spirit testifies to us of him we are to bear witness out of our own experience.  And that regardless of opposition.  “We cannot but speak.”  The blessed secret just burns its way out.

5.  This witness is to be borne unto the uttermost parts of the earth.  God commands it and the Spirit leads his disciples to this work.  Will we follow his leading?  This is why He bestows the power.  Let us seek it and use it as He wills.


The Spirit, the Source of Power   3 comments


Above:  Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, Georgia, Pentecost Sunday, May 19, 2013

Image Source = Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta




I have become convinced that my great-grandfather labored under some false generalizations regarding Judaism.  He has hardly alone in this.  In fact, I recall hearing some of the same mistaken statements in churches when I was quite young.  So I implore you, O reader, not to mistake me for my great-grandfather, whose opinions are not necessarily mine.  I have expressed many of my opinions at BLOGA THEOLOGICA, which links into this weblog.  I recognize my great-grandfather as obviously a coreligionist yet one compared to whose standard I am an unapologetic heretic.  I have typed over 120 of these sermon outlines already, so I have something of a grasp of his theology.




Zech. 4, 6-7

1.  This is an encourgement to do His work and a warning against self-dependence.  All Jewish history emphasizes this.  They were a constant miracle of grace.  They need Him now.

2.  “Not by might,” as an army (Ps. 33, 16).  Here is an evil to be avoided.  Men do things in business and politics by numbers.  These are in the material realm and material laws obtain; but the work of the church is in the moral realm and only moral power obtains.

3.  “Nor by power”–personal or of position.  In business men accomplish much by the power of their position, prestige, or wealth.  It may require an effort not to look at such things in the work of the church.  Many a man of might in business is powerless in religion.  Souls will not be driven or compelled.

4.  “But by my spirit.”  To quicken the conscience, fear, emotion & will, certainly none but God can do.  Men are only instruments.  We beg, warn, exhort; but can’t do more.

5.  He is our sufficiency (Acts 1, 8).  By Him we shall succeed.  The shout of victory shall ascend:  “Grace! grace!”