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The Macedonian Call   1 comment

The Macedonian Call

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Acts 16, 9-10


Paul wanted to lead souls to Christ.  He had a passionate love for souls.  On his journey the vision came to him, “Come over…and help us.”  Here was an open door, an opportunity to help people.


He immediately concluded the call was of God and thither he went and did a great work.


Our call–God’s bidding and the knowledge that service is needed.  Do we need more than this?

(1)  The need of instructing and safeguarding the youth is great.

(2)  Telling the story to others, leading them to the Saviour.  Their great need is to know the Lord.  He alone is the hope of the world.

(3)  Helping the distressed of earth, especially helping to establish righteousness among men.


Shall we not, like Paul, conclude these needs are God’s call to us, to help them so far as we are able?  He beckons his church to help these straying, lost, distressed children of his to a better life.  He looks to us to build his kingdom on the earth.  What a great privilege is ours.  May we use it for Him.


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Acts of the Apostles

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