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Acts of the Apostles

Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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In Him We Live   1 comment

Acts 17, 28


The source of anything’s existence is constantly necessary to its continued existence.  The Creator of things alone can preserve all.

1.  In Him we live

(1)  Physically.  He gave us bodies and upholds those physical laws in obeying of which our bodies are preserved.  Unfolds nature’s secrets, provides for our necessities.

(2)  Mentally, else our minds increase our misery.  See the mental life of heathen nations and Christian lands.

(3)  Spiritually.  Without Him the soul dies.  When in sin He awakens us, calls us to repentance.  Then all depends on our course.  If we do turn to Him He forgives the past & renews the soul–quickens it.  A babe, but one that grows.  How blessed this life in Him.


Reckon Him very near.  Let no care come between you and Him (v. 27).  Our lungs breathe the air; so we live in Him.

He desires to lead me into green pastures for our greater growth a fuller life.  We should follow and live in constant, intimate relation with Him.


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The Judgment   5 comments


Above:  The Day of Judgment, by Fra Angelico



Typing this post while listening to the Dies Irae from Verdi’s Requiem is most appropriate.  It is what I am doing.  It is also ironic, given my great-grandfather’s negative attitude regarding anything related to Roman Catholicism.




Rev. 20, 12

1.  The propriety of such a day is seen from the fact that man does not always get justice from government.  Providence would suggest it too to even up matters that appear unequal here.

2.  Its certainty is emphatic.  (Heb. 9, 27 & Acts 17, 31)

3.  Who is to preside–Jesus Christ.  (Rom. 14, 10; 2 Cor. 5, 10)

4.  Time–no man knows but to many will be unexpected.

5.  Who will be there?  All men of every age, you and I must appear.  ‘Twere vain to call for rocks & mountains to fall on us and hide us from His presence.

6.  Strict account shall be taken of every deed, thought and word.  There shall be revealed characters, consciences and secrets as they are.

7.  A line is drawn separating the evil from the good, husband and wife, parent and child, are forever separated.  God shall banish the rejected ones, but welcome his own to Himself to enjoy the bliss of heaven.

Are you ready to meet Him?