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Acts of the Apostles   1 comment

Acts of the Apostles

Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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The Approving Conscience Not the Test   2 comments

Acts 23, 1

1.  Conscience is the inward sense of approval or condemnation of conduct judged by the light possessed.  Living up to the light one has, he will improve in deed as he gains more knowledge.

2.  Conscience may approve what is wrong.  Paul was sincere though mistaken while persecuting the Christians.  Who neglects to study the Bible may ignorantly violate its teachings & conscience approve.  Men should be very careful to know the old Book, that conscience may have a sure guide.

3.  Paul was obedient to the heavenly vision.  Seeing his sin he abandoned it at once.  ‘Twas a crisis; would he accept the light or sin on with his eyes open?  Sincere souls accept all the light given.  Who rejects the light dares not have an approving conscience.  God frowns upon all such–Rom. 1, 18.  They are doubly sinners now that they violate God’s revealed will.

4.  Till conscience is enlightened by the truth it is not a safe guide.  Does conscience approve only what God allows and approves?  That is the test.  Does your life conform to His will?  Are you living in all good conscience in the light of His word?