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Christ’s Victory and Ours   14 comments

Christ's Victory and Ours

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Acts 2, 24

1 Cor. 15, 57

1 Jno. 5, 4


The death & resurrection of Jesus were in God’s plan.  That he should die for man was necessary to salvation & God willed it.  But to consumate that plan he must live to carry it on.


Hence God raised him up.  It was part of the plan & due to God’s direct intervention.  Acts 3, 15; Rom. 4, 24; 2 Cor. 4, 14; Eph. 1, 20; Col. 2, 12b; 1 Thes. 1. 10; Heb. 13, 20; 1 Peter 1, 21; & text = 10 times it is affirmed.

He was not to be [the] loser in the struggle but victor.  Life is stronger than death.  He submitted to it only to redeem us.  He arose no longer subject to death.  Death was vanquished by him; it is subject to his power.  “Have the keys to death.”–Rev. 1, 18


He lives to give us victory over sin.  By his grace we may resist the devil, “overcome” him.  “He is able to succour them what they are tempted.”  Heb. 2, 18  “To him that overcometh.”  The plan of salvation wrought out by Christ is no failure.  The “gospel is the power of God unto salvation,” see Jude 24.


He will give us victory over death.  We too, shall have our Easter morning–Jno. 5, 28.  “All that are in the grace shall come forth.”

Our resurrection body is to be fashioned after his, a spiritual body–Phils. 3, 21.

Redemption is completed in our resurrection and glorification.

Victory!!  “Death is swallowed up in victory”–1 Cor. 15, 54.


Acts of the Apostles   1 comment

Acts of the Apostles

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Conditions of a Revival   1 comment


Above:  Mohawk Valley, 1900-1912

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Acts 3, 19 (Latter Clause)

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

–Acts 3:19, Authorized Version

1.  Seasons of refreshing have characterized the church in all ages.  Mountain visions along with valleys of service.

2.  God is anxious to visit His people.  He would pour out a blessing such as there is not room to contain.  He is much concerned for us.

3.  But there are conditions to be met.

(a)  He comes not uninvited.  Knocks but waits till we open the door.

(b)  Men must repent and draw near to Him.  He comes along a prepared way to a prepared people.  Obstacles must be given up.  God has made ready; now man must do the same.  Ours is the trouble.  We invite our guests into a prepared room; so we must renounce sin as we ask Him into our hearts.

4.  “That so there may come seasons of refreshing.”  This is the object of His calling us to repent.  They will come if we meet the conditions.  God waits to be gracious.  He is willing, waiting.  Will we look up?  He will blot out our sins and give us the spirit.

O for a mighty turning to God!


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Working By the Spirit’s Power   2 comments


Above:  Church of the Common Ground, Atlanta, Georgia, May 26, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta



Zech. 4, 6

1.  The work of establishing and extending the church is a divine work.  A spiritual kingdom and spiritual methods.  We are to reach the lost and edify believers.

2.  But it can’t be done by might of ours.  Whatever may be our human equipment that alone fails.

Nor by power or authority of others.  The heart will not heed human demands.  Human ability at its best fails.

3.  God’s Spirit is our only & sufficient equipment.  Here is might & power such as is needed.  He can and does convict all hearts and save the penitent.  Where He is there is liberty.  We must have His help.  When He is honored he does a mighty work.  Uses human agents too.

4.  How is He to be received?  In answer to earnest prayer.  “Shall your Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him.”  By turning to God–Acts 3, 19.  “Tarry till ye be endued with power.”  “They were all of one accord in one place.

Then a multitude were saved in a day.

5.  Let us begin here; seek till we find Him.  Search our hearts, repent of all sin and prepare for his coming.

Then expect Him as promised.