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Christ Is All to Believers   6 comments

Christ is All to Believers

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1 Peter 2, 7


Christ the foundation whereon we build our spiritual house.  “Other foundation can no may lay”–(1 Cor. 3, 11).  “None other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4, 12).  Christ alone!


The condition is faith that yields all to him, trusts him fully for salvation–an act of the whole man–intellect, emotion and will.  None other has the authority and power to save.  None other has died to redeem us.  Look to him and live.  Christ or chaos.


To all who believe, who trust in him for salvation, as Lord and Saviour, “he is precious”–an honour, is our sufficiency.

(1)  They have their sins forgiven by the blood of the Lamb.  Guilt no longer rests upon them.  “Though your sins be as scarlet” (Isa. 1, 18).  “He is faithful and jut to forgive us,” etc (1 Jno. 1, 9).

(2)  Become the sons and daughters of the Lord Almighty–adopted into the family of God.

What a blessed relationship, what an honour!  Who is not happy in such an experience?!

“My soul shall make the boast in the Lord.”  Ps. 34

“He that believeth on him shall not be ashamed” (v6).


“If Ye Shall Ask Anything My Name I Will Do It.”   4 comments

If Ye Shall Ask

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John 14, 14


Our need of divine aid.  We are unable to do the work before us if left to ourselves.  “Without me ye can do nothing” (Jno. 15, 5).  “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit” (Zech. 4, 6).


Prayer is an opening of the heart to God, throwing off indifference, so essential.  How can God pour his Spirit into a heart closed against him?  “But their heart is far from me” (Matt. 15, 8).


Prayer is a direct, earnest request for God’s help.  “Ask, seek, knock.”  Give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him (Lk. 11, 13).  “And when they had prayed the place was shaken where they were assembled together, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness” (Acts 4, 31).


Have we any need of his help, of awakening of souls, of pardon, of guidance of power?  Does anyone about us need to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord?

May God breathe on us the spirit of earnest prayer?  And he prepares us and uses to help reach others that his kingdom may prevail over the forces of evil.


“Neither is There Salvation In Any Other”   2 comments

Neither is There Salvation in Any Other

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Acts 4, 12


Having sinned, man is condemned.  Sin has dominion over him.  He is doomed if left to himself.  He has not power to free himself.  His only hope is in God.


In his great love God provided for man’s deliverance.  “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.”  “To seek and to save that which was lost.”  He is become the author of eternal salvation (Heb. 5, 9).

(1)  Socially–man’s dealings with man.  Corruption abounds save when Christ is honored.  Morals depend on religion–can’t long survive if divorced from it.  “Feared not God was regarded man.”

(a)  “To preserve the government we must preserve morals.  Morality rests on religion.  If we destroy the foundation the superstructure must fall.”–Daniel Webster

(b)  “Why not give Christianity a trial?  After contemplating the world of human nature for nearly sixty years I see no way out of the the world’s  misery, but the way of doing God’s will.”–George Bernard Shaw

(c)  “The Church of Christ is the world’s only social hope, and the sole promise of world peace.”–Earl Haig

(d)  “Depend upon it, the world could not hold together without morals, nor can morals maintain their station in the human heart without religion.”–A British Journalist

(2)  He is the hope of Democracy.  She had kindly interest in every man.

“The paramount question underlying democracy is the religion of Jesus Christ.  Eliminate Christ and you leave the world to eternal war.

(3)  Government is is elevated by him.  Without religion corruption will rule and ruin the state.  Graft is rampant without proper restraint.

(a) “Now it is either Christ or chaos; either the kingdom of God or world revolution.”–Lord George

(b)  The world must come back to Christ, the greatest revolutionary that the world has ever known, a revolutionary that carries out his revolution, not by strikes and mobs and lawless slaughter, but by dying himself upon a cross.”–a labor leader

(c)  “Whoever does anything to depreciate Christianity is guilty of high treason against the civilization of mankind.”–McCauley

(d)  “Our civilization cannot survive materially unless it be redeemed spiritually.”–Woodrow Wilson

(e)  “Speaking of our efforts for peace McArthur said, “It must be of the spirit of we are to save the flesh.”

“I think I can find the money if you can furnish the men.”–Jones

(4)  He is the Saviour of the individual.  How wonderfully he saves!  Is he yours?




Acts of the Apostles   1 comment

Acts of the Apostles

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John 3, 16   4 comments


Above:  Jesus and Nicodemus, by Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov

(Image in the Public Domain)


1.  Because of sin the world was in a ruined state, hurt beyond all hope of recovery save through divine help.  [It] was condemned and about to perish eternally.

2.  God through the impulse of His love provided for its rescue and salvation by giving his Son to die for it.  Not for any merit in man, but God’s unmerited love.  This is the fountain of it all.  Need arouses the better impulses of man’s heart; much more does our need move God to fly to our relief.

The disease must be great and dire to necessitate such great cost to redeem man from it.

3.  This sacrifice of Jesus is the only means by which men are saved (Acts 4, 12), but it is a sufficient sacrifice.  He can save all from sin (Heb. 7, 25).

4.  This salvation is for all on simple terms–faith in Jesus.  God has come as near as He can not to encourage man in sin.  Without this trust no man is benefited by the death of Jesus.  He must be accepted or all is lost.  Those may perish for whom He died (1 Cor. 8, 11).

5.  Two distinct blessings are those received:

(1)  “They they may not perish”–are saved from the awful effects of sin, and

(2)  They “have eternal life,” are brought to heaven in the end.

Then accept Him now.