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His Witnesses   2 comments

His Witnesses

Above:  The Beginning of the Original Document


Lk. 24, 48

Jno. 15, 27


Believers have a rich experience of saving grace.  They have a new life and rejoice therein.  We know he is a Saviour, for he saves us.  This gives a great appreciation of him and his saving presence and power.


Consequently we are glad to witness for him.  The glad secret will [get] out.  “We cannot but speak the things we have seen and heard.”  “Tongue can never express the sweet comfort and peace of a soul in its earliest love.”


This gives us a disposition and desire to cooperate with others of good will to serve and save mankind.

“It is unthinkable that we civilized people should keep for ourselves alone the wealth of mans for fighting sickness, pain & death which science has given us.”–Schweitzer

How much more should we wish to give to men the balm in Gilead–the saving truths of the gospel!

“When Jesus finds you tell others the story.”–Witness for him.