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The Work of Education   1 comment


Above:  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky:  Crossing the River Styx, 1877

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USZ62-79592



My great-grandfather held a dim view of Roman Catholicism.  He even voted for Herbert Hoover in 1928 because the Democratic Party nominated Alfred Smith, a Roman Catholic, for President that year.  His anti-Roman Catholicism does not reflect my attitudes.  It was, however, commonplace and much accepted before Vatican II.



Eph. 4, 17-18

1.  “Man receives no new faculty after birth.”  But he may and must develop his powers.  Unused faculties ultimately perish, e.g. blind fish in Mammoth Cave.

2.  Education is vitally related to the whole; body, mind, & soul profit by it.  He “perishes for lack of knowledge.”  It is his training & equipment for life.  Its worth cannot be overestimated.  Culture enhances the value of life.  Protestantism stands for the enlightenment of the people.  Protestant countries may have their submerged one-tenth; but how about the submerged nine-tenths of Catholic countries?

3.  The religious element is fundamental to all life.  Man is a religious being.  It is fatal to divorce education from religion.  School days fix character–life habits.  Hence their great importance.  They bring large opportunities for illustrating & enforcing the truth.

4.  The church is commissioned to teach, is in this work to see that religion is emphasized reverently.

But a crisis is upon her.  She must advance or be forced out of business.  Hence in the name of the Lord she is striving to do His will in these things.