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Above:  Antonius Felix


Acts 24, 25

1.  Felix was convicted of his sin.  Paul preached the gospel and Felix became alarmed.  What an hour in his life!  God’s mercy shown him in this conviction.  But he put off repentance.  Why?

(1)  Unpleasant to turn the eye inward.

(2)  Or unwilling to give up some darling sin.

(3)  Or thought later would do.  Thus duped, many have been lost.  Now is God’s set time to save you.

2.  What is a convenient season?

(1)  Not a time devoid of care–are none.

(2)  It is any hour God calls.  Without it no one could repent, when he does any soul that will can turn to Him.  His call is the only indispensable thing.

3.  Is this, then, a convenient season?  Does a single influence move you toward Him?  Felix heard Paul again, but we read of no further conviction.  Do not be a Felix in putting it off, lest you be a Felix in finding the conviction no more.

“Go away?” when your doom would be forever sealed; no comfort, no hope, no song, no light; subject to hell and damnation forever?

Rush to Him now for mercy now ere it be too late.