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The Christ of Sovereign Authority   8 comments

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Matt. 28, 18

Jesus took our nature (sin excepted) with its weaknesses upon himself to reach and and save us.  He won his place by the suffering he endured.  Now the Father hath exalted him to the first place in all the universe!  All authority is his.

1.  Has authority over the Angels.  They cast their crowns at his feed and gladly do his bidding.  (1 Peter 3, 22)

2.  Hath authority over the church to direct all of its affairs forever.  “Is head over all things to the church which is his body”–see Rev. 1, 12-18; Eph. 5, 25-27; Acts 13, 2-5, Dan. 7, 13-14.

3.  Power or authority to forgive sin.  Such is His sovereign right (Mk 2, 10-12).  Without this He is a colossal failure.  If he is Divine of course He can.  Many are witnesses that He does.  He dominates devils, cast them out.

4.  Authority to execute judgment also (Jno. 5, 22).  Will decide the destiny of every soul at last.  His pierced hand shall open the gate of peal to admit his children; and shall close if against the finally impenitent (Matt. 25, 34, 41, 46).

5.  Have you yielded to Him or do you dare hold out against Him, whose blessing is offered now?



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Christ Pantocrator

Time has walked with heavy tread,

Crushing men, nor nations less;

Numbering empires with the dead,

Names in dark forgetfulness.


Kingdoms that for ages stood,

Crumble ‘neath corruption’s blight;

Titles, e’en tho’ traced in blood,

Lose their lustre, fade from sight.


But, as Alpine mountains tall,

Lift their proud disdainful brow,

Fearing none, but scorning all

Man’s vain efforts to o’erthrow;


Thus Christ’s Kingdom–firmly laids

Monuments of ages gone,–

Leaning not on human aid,

Bids the ages still roll on.


Years on years have passed away,

Ages yet to come shall go;

Yet it ne’er has known decay,

Nor, while God exists, can know.