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The Resurrected Christ Revealed   1 comment

Rev. 1, 18

1.  Life and death a mystery.  Left to himself man knows nothing of the future–he needs a revelation of it.

2.  Christians everywhere believe in a blissful immortality–they preach it, sing of it, rejoice in sorrow because of it.  There must be some foundation for it.

3.  That foundation is Christ’s own resurrection.  Friend and foe said he did.

(1)  Foes exulted.

(2)  Friends despaired.  Had he remained in the grave all would have abandoned Him forever.

(3)  But he arose.  He could not be holden of death.  He is the Son of God and all powers are subject to his power.  He arises victor forever.  Lies now are the only refuge of his foes.  With him the church arises.

4.  How may I know he arose?

(1)  By the fact of the Spirit’s presence.

(2)  By personal knowledge as in the text.

(3)  By Christian testimony in life & death.

(4)  By the spiritual resurrection of others.

5.  He has the keys of death & the grave.  He unlocked death’s door forever.  “Because I live ye shall live also.”  He is our humanity.  His resurrection is the pledge of that  of all.


Victory Through Christ Within   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator



The Classic Theory of the Atonement, dating back to the first five centuries of Christian history, is the Conquest of Satan/Evil by means of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  The Latin term for the resurrected Lord is therefore Christus Victor.  And the above image is most appropriate to that theology.



1 John 4, 4

1.  The struggle of life is between the spirit of the world and of God.  One of the other rules in every heart.  There is either submission to Christ or opposition to Him.

2.  The result of it grows out of the spirit within one.  The spirit within is the citadel of the soul.  While there it dominates the whole life.  While evil is within the life will be evil.

3.  John says these overcame in the strength of Him who dwelt in them, for “greater is He” within you “than he that is in the world.”  Christ met and vanquished the devil and is ever Conqueror.  With Christ ruling in the heart we overcome the world.

4.  Hence appears the need of the soul–the Conqueror within.  Without Him the heart is enslaved by sin; so that freedom is impossible.  Think not to resist the devil if you fight a single battle unaided by Christ.  Come to Him and in Him find victory over sin.

5.  With Him in the heart we not only have victory, but joy and blessed companionship and heaven at last.  He is over all in all.