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The Quest of the Supreme Good   1 comment


Above:  Some of the Possessions of Charles Foster Kane, from Citizen Kane

(A Screen Capture)



I, as a student of history and as an intellectual, have only supreme respect for history, science, and philosophy.  They do not seek knowledge selfishly, as a means to an end, alone.  There is much value in pure knowledge and applied knowledge alike.  As to seeking wisdom as a means to an end, what is wrong with that?

That said, I do recognize a superior wisdom.



Ecc. 12, 13

This book is full of placards as to the Preacher’s quest of the supreme good.  An old question but important to all.  Why not heed his conclusions, with others?

1.  The supreme good in wisdom?  In questions of history, science, & philosophy?  These seek knowledge selfishly.  It is only a means to an end.  It fails when needs are greatest.

2.  Pleasure is sought.  After it is to invite bitter disappointment & maybe shame.  Often she is an absent goddess when needed most.  A sea of shallows & full of breakers.  See the many wrecks therein.

3.  Wealth is a special temptation.  Cares increase as does wealth.  It is too insecure.  It bringeth a snare.  Can’t buy happiness.  “Gain the world & lose his own soul?”

4.  Wisdom, wealth, and pleasure combined can’t give peace.  Many who possess them are not happy.  “All my possessions for a moment of time.’

5.  This is the end of the matter.  Only those who fear & obey God are happy and all such are.

(1)  This meets every need of the heart.  This is better than gold.

(2)  This religion is the supreme philosophy of man & God, never rivaled nor supplanted.  All else is valuable only as it leads to this discovery.