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Mack Barrett seems to have been either a son of the Reuben Barrett who was a son of John Barrett (born circa 1776) or of John R. “Jack” Barrett, Sr., part of John Barrett’s second family.  The paternity of Mack Barrett is not in question, but the identity of his mother is uncertain.

The Forsyth County Sherrif’s Department’s list of Sheriffs lists one E. R. Barrett as the holder of that office from 1898 to 1902.


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William M. Barrett, Sr., was full sibling to Asbury (Berry) Barrett, Frank Barrett, and John R. “Jack” Barrett, Sr.  They constituted the second family which John Barrett (born circa 1776) had with his second wife, one Ms. Stanton.  John Barrett’s first wife had been Milly Rebecca Chastain Barrett, through whom my great-grandfather, George Washington Barrett (1873-1956) traced his family line.  William Sr. was a half-sibling to my great-grandfather, Elisha Chastain Barrett (1806-1886) and James Tarrance Barrett (1803-1867).