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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Col. 4, 2

1.  You are dependent on God for everything.  “Without me ye can do nothing.”  “In him we live & move & have our being.”  Christ could do nothing of himself.

2.  Feel that dependence at all times and you will live in the spirit of prayer.  Here is the trouble.  Men think they do not have so great need of him, especially in times of prosperity.

3.  Who really feels this dependence will, as often as possible, be in the exercise of prayer.  To commune with God is refreshing to the soul.  Here is the secret of strength, communion with the Father of mercies.

4.  Cherish a spirit of prayer making devotion the business of life.  Nothing ought to be allowed to destroy this spirit of devotion or fervor.

5.  If you have done wrong, repent of it.  Forgive as you expect forgiveness.

6.  Then watchfully use the grace thus obtained that it may really benefit you.