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“Trust in the Lord”   1 comment

Trust in the Lord

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Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Ps. 115, 9-11


Man looks beyond himself for needed assistance and strength, depends upon something or someone to bestow the blessings he seeks.  He feels his own insufficiency.  Sooner or later he will find that vain is the help of man.


Some trust in earthly treasure or Godless pleasure for happiness.  How they are mooked thereby.  “Riches take wings” and the heart is surfeited by pleasure.

“A house is a vain thing for safety.”

Goliath fell before the youthful, trusting David.


How often we are exhorted to “trust in the Lord.”  Many have fled to him in times of peril and found his help sufficient.  In the seventh century B.C. Sennacharib threatened Jerusalem.  Hezekiah sent a messenger to Isaiah and went to prayer in the Temple.   In one night the destroying angel slew 185,000 and Sennacharib returned home.  [The] next day he was slain by his sons.

God’s help is more anytime than all the forces of sin.  He takes sides with his people and causes, the right to triumph.

“Ye that fear the Lord, trust in the Lord.”


Fixedness of Purpose   2 comments

Fixedness of Purpose

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Ps. 57, 7


To live in Christian life is certainly the wisest possible course to pursue–the richest life men know.  Revelation and the experiences of men emphasize it.


But there are many allurements, influences, to draw men away from it.  There is need to watch and pray that one may escape these snares.


Hence one should think seriously and make his decision for life, settle it in his heart to live right.  Take himself in hand and determine his course.  “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  Jas., 1, 8

(a)  “Looking unto Jesus” for wisdom and strength, remembering that we are weak and need help.  The choice and effort are ours.  God will supply all the grace we need.  “Keep close to Jesus all the way!”

(b)  Reflect how nothing is gained by living in sin, by conforming to the world.  All who have tried it found to their sorrow the hurt of sin.

(c)  This determination helps us when tempted to say no at once.  “No; I have settled it.  I am determined to live for God.  I shall spend my life in his service.”  It helped Joseph, David, and all whose hearts were fixed.

Is yours?


Luke 22, 27b   1 comment

Luke 22 Sermon

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My great-grandfather made a note to himself.  He prompted himself to use a sermon illustration about one Mrs. Taft saying something to one Bishop Beauchamp.  That style of prompt is nothing new or rare; I use it in my teaching notes.  I have, however, tried to understand who the people were and what Mrs. Taft said.  I have been partially successful:

  • Virginia-born William Benjamin Beauchamp (1869-1931), from 1922 a bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (1845-1939), promoted ecumenical and missionary work, especially ecumenical missionary work.  He was especially involved in Methodist missions in Europe.  For a time he presided over the North Georgia Conference and the South Georgia Conference, USA.  My great-grandfather, being an official of the North Georgia Conference, would have known Beauchamp and heard some of his stories.
  • “Mrs. Taft” was probably Anna Sinton Taft, wife of Charles Phelps Taft I (1843-1929), brother of President then Chief Justice William Howard Taft.  Beauchamp apparently had a speaking engagement in Cincinnati in 1925.

Yet I still have no idea what she said to Beauchamp, assuming that she is Mrs. Taft of the sermon illustration.  If anyone can replace my ignorance with the light of objectively correct facts, please do.





…but I am among you as he that serveth.

–Luke 22:27b, Authorized Version


[There will be] need for service as long as there are needs, as food, raiment, intellectual needs.  To help supply these is helpful service.  Let all be done in his name, as unto the Lord.


Jesus came not to be ministered unto but to minister.  Hence the text.  He founded a kingdom to be characterized by service.  Everything else [is] to be subordinated to service–to duty–illustration = Mrs. Taft to Bp. Beauchamp.


How the lives of men have been enriched by service–Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah, Paul, [John] Wesley & multiplied thousands–mothers, teachers, young lives devoted to helpfulness.

There is no end to the story.

“Whose I am and whom I serve.”  When is there a higher life on this earth?

How great is the need today!  The church, yea, statesmen, are concerned about the world’s need.

Love can’t pass by on the other side now of all times.

May each of us have this vision and count it a joy to help.

His “well done” will be glory forever.


Saul’s Opportunity and Failure   1 comment

Saul and David

Above:  Saul and David, by Rembrandt van Rijn

1 Samuel 15, 22-23

I.  Saul’s Opportunity

1.  Israel’s first king could have moulded and stamped himself upon the nation.

2.  Physically endowed; such as the people wanted–reserved and winsome and was victorious in battle.

II.  His Folly

1.  Because proud and self-willed.  Pride goeth before destruction.

2.  Disobeyed God in war against the Amalekites.  Set up his own will against God’s will.   Reverses will come now.

III.  God Rejects Him.

1.  The disobedient are never acceptable to God.  Sin is treason against him.

2.  God left him to his own fate.  “Ate of the fruit of his own way.”

3.  At Endor.  Bows before a class he once hated.  (Chapter 28, verse 15)  To what straits he is reduced only to learn of his utter ruin to come apace.

IV.  Sin Will Ruin Any Life, Yea, a World.

Let us obey him and live eternally.