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The Union of Christ and the Church   1 comment

Lang Wedding

Above:  Lang Wedding

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-M34- 90129-x

Photograph Dated 1925-1946



My great-grandfather did come from a time before certain feminist advances in U.S. laws and society.  I rejoice in those advances and differ with him in certain subjective points, including some in this post.



Eph. 5, 32

1.  Man seeks the heart and hand of the bride .  Christ was with the daliance of a lover.

2.  In marriage the bride surrenders her property, is identical with his life.  Bears his name and claims his love and protection.

3.  Man is taught to regard her as the weaker vessel and protect her.  Christ is ever tender with his bride.

4.  Woman was formed from Adam’s side.  The church born from Christ’s pierced side.  By his side is her place forever.  She must go with him round the world while he will open the way.

5.  He left her in charge here while he prepares a place yonder.  She must not stay at home while he beckons her on to other conquests. God and the heathen are dependent on her for the spread of the gospel.

He demands fidelity to himself.  Does she dare entangle her affections with another?

6.  All his care is to purify the church.  Let us appreciate all that tends to purify.

7.  He will come for his lovely bride.  We will go to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  May we each be there.