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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Ezekiel 33, 11

God faithfully warns man of his danger.  He does not delight in man’s ruin, but love alone will save nobody.

1.  It is God’s unchangeable law that sinners must turn to Him or die.  It is impossible to admit sin into haven.  See Rev. 2, 18; 20, 10 & 15.

2.  But it is in his promise that the wicked shall live if he turn from it, e.g. the Ninevites, the thief on the cross, Saul, etc.  He tries to bring the sinner to repentance.

3.  He takes pleasure in man’s salvation.  The father welcomes the prodigal.  Shepherd glad to recover the lost sheep.  He delighteth in mercy.

4.  He would impress us by solemnly swearing it by His existence.

Can you still doubt him?

5.  He doubles the command.  He spake twice to Abraham& does to you here.

6.  Condescend to reason with you.  What answer will you make?  If you choose sin you choose, necessarily, its final consequence.

7.   After all this if man turns not it is not God’s fault that he suffers but his.  A man condemned in prison refuses pardon, whose fault that he dies?