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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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John 3, 7

1.  This is an important doctrine.  One’s ideas here will influence all his other views.  Its relation to experience is of great moment.  Be correct in opinion and experience of it.

2.  The ground of the doctrine is that scripture reveals man as a sinner.  His sinful nature necessitates the experience.  All have sinned.  Gen. 6, 5 & 8, 21; Ps. 5, 15 & 58, 3; Jer. 17, 9; Isa. 1, 5-6; Rom. 3, 23.  That Christ died for all Paul uses to prove that all have sinned.  Else why should Christ die for all?

3.  What is regeneration?

Not mere reformation, or good resolutions.  “To cause to be born anew, to bring forth again.”  The change in man (Gal. 5, 6-6:15) wrought by the Holy Spirit dethroning sin and enthroning Christ.  A complete moral change (see Ezek. 36, 25-27).  Depravity and uncleanness acquired by transgressions necessitate “the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit.”

4.  How is it received?  By faith.  God’s grace is conditional; He does not impose it upon those who do not want it.  “Ask and receive,” but ask in faith.  Man’s first step in sin was through unbelief.  His last step in finding mercy is faith.  The terms are simple and so easy [that] anyone can meet them and be saved.  Are you thus saved from your sins?


Pardon and Cleansing   5 comments

1 Jno. 1, 9

1.  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God (1 Jno. 1, 8 & 10).  This is the why of Christ’s death and of offered mercy.

2.  But Jesus Christ is a Saviour from sin (Matt. 1, 21).  He earnestly desires all men to be saved.  Hence he calls them to repent and believe Him.

3.  If we confess and forsake our sins He will forgive us.  This repentance must be the giving up of every sin though as dear as a night eye.  “Who confesseth and forsaketh his sins shall have mercy.”  Wonderful is this deliverance from guilt–condemnation, without which we are forever lost.

4.  But does He stop here?  Does He leave the heart in the same sinful state, only imputing to the penitent sinner the righteousness of Christ, and really not changing the heart, only pardoning the guilt?  If so why the last clause of the text?  “If any man be in Christ he is a new creature?–all new.  Men are promised a new heart and the gift of the Spirit–Ezek. 36, 25.  Else what is the new birth.  Pardons & regenerates is the scriptural doctrine of conversion.  Heb. 2, 17 & 9, 14.  1 Jno. 3, 5.  Rev. 1, 5.