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The Christian Home   1 comment


Above:  Family Record, Circa 1889

Created by J.M. Vickroy & Co.

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-pga-02961



I have several points of disagreement with my grandfather stemming from this post:

1.  He disapproved of all uses of alcohol.  I take it regularly in a Eucharistic context and have an occasional drink.

2.  He opposed playing cards.  Somehow I see no evil in playing Solitaire.

3.  I wonder if my 1972 paperback reprint of Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie (1900) would have met my great-grandfather’s strict standards.   I suspect that it would not.  The back cover copy reads:

Theodore Dreiser’s first and perhaps greatest novel, Sister Carrie, appeared in 1900, met with outraged disapproval and was immediately withdrawn as too shocking and sordid for polite readers.  But it is precisely in Dreiser’s compassionate revelation of the depths of ordinary men and women, their frailty and humanity, that his stormy, controversial genius remains supreme.

I read the book in high school as part of the curriculum.  I also read John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men there.




Gen. 18, 19

1.  The home, or family, is our institution of God for holy ends.  He protects and blesses it in all ages and climes.

2.  It is to be a retreat to rest and gather strength of spirit & body for life’s battles.  Its blighting or invigorating influence is felt to life’s close.  The boy away from home never gets entirely away from the memories of home.

3.  Its power is felt by those who visit there.  Many learn their first lessons in righteousness or sin in another’s home.  Its atmosphere a blessing or a curse.

4.  The devil, recognizing its strategic importance, does his utmost to despoil it, and destroy its power for good.  Let parents expect his attacks and set themselves to defend their home.

(1)  Keep out bad literature.  It will corrupt the imagination and the morals.

(2)  Avoid the social wine-glass.  Here the devil catches many and assures their utter ruin.

(3)  Keep away the card-devil.  Such is a demon from the pit.  Thus gamblers are grown.

5.  The need of every home is Christ.  His presence is always a great blessing.

Take Him into your home to abide there.


Gambling   1 comment


Above:  Open Gambling, the Louvre, Reno, Nevada, Circa 1910

  • J146047 U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Copyright by L. Levitch.

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Ex. 20, 17

1.  Covetousness defined–a desire to get something for less than its value.

2.  There is necessarily legitimate trading, mutually beneficial, e.g. merchandising, manufacturing, life insurance, etc.

3.  But covetousness enters to work havoc with men & measures.  Hence the highway robber, the sneak thief, the gambler and swindler:  so the “wheat corner,” cotton futures.  All alike are robbers.

4.  Gambling is a great dissipation and unfits one for honest business.  It leads to other evils.  Gamblers all become dishonest & steal the game if they can.  There are no honest gamblers.

All games of chance are born of the gambling spirit–are gambling, an effort to get something for nothing.

5.  God forbids covetousness in toto, and none guilty of it can enter his blest abode.

Be an honest, upright man clean in business. then look the world in the face without a blush.  Obey God in all things that he may bless you every day.


The Deceitfulness of Riches   1 comment


Above:  Front of the U.S. $10,000 Bill, 1934

2012 Purchasing Power of $10,000 from 1934 = $171,000



I think I know what my great-grandfather would have said about many activities on Wall Street in recent years–credit default swaps, short selling, naked short selling, excessive compensation for CEOs of failing and corrupt corporations.  I agree with him.




1 Tim. 6. 9-10

1.  All action springs from desire or love–in the moral realm from benevolent or malevolent affections.

2.  God demands the enthronement of himself in the life.  This properly relates all questions; all questions take their rightful place.

3.  Many disobey, setting the heart on mammon and longingly plan to be rich.  This is practical idolatry and may be the root of any evil.

4.  This love of money distorts the whole view of life, “which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith.”  Nothing regarded worthwhile that does not pay financially.  “Fall into many a temptation and a snare” to do wrong.

(1)  Temptation to gamble finds him an easy prey.  Betting wrong–an effort to get something for nothing.

(2)  Buying cotton futures a modern phase.  This is gambling straight.

(3)  Commercialized life widespread–children–education too.  If this dominates us worse things await us.

5.  Destruction of life and character.  Remorse and despair.  “Pierced through with many sorrows.”  Perdition at last.

Love not the world, but God.