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Christ’s Victory and Ours   14 comments

Christ's Victory and Ours

Above:  Part of the Original Text

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Acts 2, 24

1 Cor. 15, 57

1 Jno. 5, 4


The death & resurrection of Jesus were in God’s plan.  That he should die for man was necessary to salvation & God willed it.  But to consumate that plan he must live to carry it on.


Hence God raised him up.  It was part of the plan & due to God’s direct intervention.  Acts 3, 15; Rom. 4, 24; 2 Cor. 4, 14; Eph. 1, 20; Col. 2, 12b; 1 Thes. 1. 10; Heb. 13, 20; 1 Peter 1, 21; & text = 10 times it is affirmed.

He was not to be [the] loser in the struggle but victor.  Life is stronger than death.  He submitted to it only to redeem us.  He arose no longer subject to death.  Death was vanquished by him; it is subject to his power.  “Have the keys to death.”–Rev. 1, 18


He lives to give us victory over sin.  By his grace we may resist the devil, “overcome” him.  “He is able to succour them what they are tempted.”  Heb. 2, 18  “To him that overcometh.”  The plan of salvation wrought out by Christ is no failure.  The “gospel is the power of God unto salvation,” see Jude 24.


He will give us victory over death.  We too, shall have our Easter morning–Jno. 5, 28.  “All that are in the grace shall come forth.”

Our resurrection body is to be fashioned after his, a spiritual body–Phils. 3, 21.

Redemption is completed in our resurrection and glorification.

Victory!!  “Death is swallowed up in victory”–1 Cor. 15, 54.


Hebrews   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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The Great Salvation   1 comment

Heb. 2, 2-3

Will not God, who ratified every message delivered by angels, endorse the gospel preached by Christ who is far greater than they?

1.  A great salvation from sin.

(a)  Great in extent–universal.  Provided for and able to save all men for every age.  No matter how sinful.

(b)  Great in what in does for the individual–pardon, regeneration, peace and joy, grace for every need and heaven at last.  From all sin. How wonderful this salvation!

2.  It is the only salvation.  No other escape from sin and hell.  No other name given whereby we may be saved–Christ or hell.

3.  It is had only by those who seek it.   Neglect is sin enough to damn a world.  Man must repent & believe or all is lost.  Neglect one’s only means of escape & doom is sure.

4.  Is this salvation yours?  Have you peace now?

Neglect it no longer.  Accept life now.


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Pardon and Cleansing   5 comments

1 Jno. 1, 9

1.  All have sinned and come short of the glory of God (1 Jno. 1, 8 & 10).  This is the why of Christ’s death and of offered mercy.

2.  But Jesus Christ is a Saviour from sin (Matt. 1, 21).  He earnestly desires all men to be saved.  Hence he calls them to repent and believe Him.

3.  If we confess and forsake our sins He will forgive us.  This repentance must be the giving up of every sin though as dear as a night eye.  “Who confesseth and forsaketh his sins shall have mercy.”  Wonderful is this deliverance from guilt–condemnation, without which we are forever lost.

4.  But does He stop here?  Does He leave the heart in the same sinful state, only imputing to the penitent sinner the righteousness of Christ, and really not changing the heart, only pardoning the guilt?  If so why the last clause of the text?  “If any man be in Christ he is a new creature?–all new.  Men are promised a new heart and the gift of the Spirit–Ezek. 36, 25.  Else what is the new birth.  Pardons & regenerates is the scriptural doctrine of conversion.  Heb. 2, 17 & 9, 14.  1 Jno. 3, 5.  Rev. 1, 5.