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Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Christ Pantocrator

Above:  Christ Pantocrator


Hebrews 4, 14-16

I.  Jesus is the High Priest of the Christian church.  Heb. 4, 14 & 7, 17

II.  His equipment as Priest

1.  Priest must have sympathy–hence Christ was human and knew our lot.

2.  Must have divine authority that his mediation be acceptable.  Christ is the Son & has authority–Chapters 3:6 and 6:20

3.  The sacrifice must be without spot or blemish.  Hence he kept the law and is the Lamb of God without spot.  “Redeemed by his blood,” not by his obedience


1.  As Priest he offered himself for all men, a full, sufficient sacrifice.  No need of further sacrifice.  He is become the only salvation, as he has ever been.

2.  His work ceases not with his death.  With his blood he entered the holy of holies–heaven–to intercede for us.  As Priest he is our Advocate before the throne.  He “is passed into the heavens.”


Then let us join our prayers with his, approach boldly a throne of grace.  In his name call upon God and trust for mercy and help in every time of need.