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Will Ye Also Go Away?   2 comments

Jno. 6, 67

1.  They heard his words, witnessed his miracles and were numbered with his followers.  He loved and would die for them.

2.  But he told them the truth–they must by faith partake of his body and blood.  They complained in their unwillingness and “walked no more with him.”  They could forsake him; he compels no more.

3.  He turned to the twelve.  They must decide afresh.  We too must decide the question afresh, or reaffirm our decision.  “Take heed lest he fall.”  “My heart is fixed.”

4.  What if we do forsake him?  Where shall we go?  What will become of others we influence?

5.  He is the only way and he will aid us by his grace.  To reject him is to reject our all.

Recommit yourself to him, or decide now to serve him.  He is asking if you will.