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  1. The proper label for those who practice Islam is Muslims (alternatively, Moslems), of course.
  2. I make no apologies for the near-sacrifice of Isaac.  If my father had tried to sacrifice me….
  3. My opinion of Abraham is considerably more nuanced than my great-grandfather’s opinion of him.




Heb. 11, 8-10


The greatest man of antiquity, the father of those who believe in the one true God–Jews, Mohammedans, and Christians.  In a day of vague ideas of God he recognized the unity and personality of God.


Moral rather than intellectual greatness, exalted and pure faith, so profound that he obeyed God unhesitatingly.

(a)  A man of peace, magnanimous toward Lot–“let there be no strife,” etc.  Rescued Lot from his captors–brave.

(b)  Man of prayer–interceded for pardon, very humble and reverent about it.


Of great faith:

(1)  The birth of Isaac when he was an old man.  He believed God’s word regarding it.

(2)  The offering of Isaac, the supreme test of his faith.  How then could he be the father of a great and mighty nation?  But if God called he would obey:  he had nothing too good to devote to God.

(3)  The father of the faithful and “the friend of God.”

“By faith Abraham.”  By faith all may become great before God and be the friend of God.  May our faith prove equal to every emergency.

O for a faith that will not shrink,

Though pressed by every foe,

That will not tremble on the brink

Of any earthly woe!


That will not murmur nor complain

Beneath the chastening rod,

But in the hour of grief or pain,

Will lean upon its God.


A faith that shines more bright and clear

When tempests rage without;

That when in danger knows no fear,

In darkness knows no doubt.


Lord, give us such a faith as this;

And then, whate’er may come,

I’ll taste e’en now the hallowed bliss

Of an eternal home.


Youth Dreams of a House   1 comment


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Gen. 24, 63

1.  Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for Isaac.  Meets Rebekah at the well and her kindness to him.  In the house he tells his mission.  She consents to return with him & become Isaac’s wife.

2.  Before they reach home Isaac goes into the field alone.  Of course he is dreaming of what the future may bring–of his house to be.  And well might he thus dream.

3.  What sort of house shall it be?  Of course everyone desires a happy home; else life were a torment.  But this does not just happen; it must result from causes and conditions that bring happiness.

4.  How make for a home?

(a)  By making proper business preparation.  The groom-to-be should seek establishment in business that gives confidence in his future.

(b)  Take the best care of one’s health.  The bread-winner will need health.  Homemakers find illness a strain on happiness.

(c)  Become noble & good in every aspiration of the soul.  What one is is the chief factor in happiness.  To stoop to folly in anything is as evil seed whose harvest will rob life of much sweetness.