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Emboldened to Sin by Long-Suffering   4 comments

Ecc. 8, 11

1.  Man is in a state of trial and is free to obey God or to sin.  He does one or the other and of his own choice.

2.  Though free, he is under law that has a penalty–obey & live, transgress and die.  Every evil deed & work unrepented of shall be punished.

3.  Because God does not take speedy vengeance, men sin or set their hearts, thinking God disregards evil.  Abuse his goodness by further good.   What can become of one who sins against his only hope of salvation?  They think God, like man, will by delay forget the offense.

4.  To set one’s self to don evil is veritable folly.  See Ps. 50, 21-22; Isa. 26, 10-11; 2 Peter 3, 3-11.  His word abideth forever.  “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.”

5.  God gives ample time to repent.  He can afford to wait, but does not forget one’s sins.  He will repay.  One may sin one hundred times, but is not more safe.

It shall be well with righteous, but not so with the wicked.  He shall not ultimately escape.  Turn to him.