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“Whosoever Liveth Believeth in Me Shall Never Die.”   2 comments

Whosoever Liveth

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Jno. 11, 26


This was spoken of the soul, man’s eternal nature; for we know the body dies.

Faith receives and trusts the Christ and he forgives our sins, makes his marvelous grace, feeds our hungry souls with heavenly manna, nourishes our souls and makes us strong.


Natural death has no power over the soul.  Man has a conscious being aside from the body.  Moses and Elijah on [the] Mount of Transfiguration.  Jesus arose and the like may occur again.

Jesus prayed that they might be with him “where I am. that they may behold my glory.”  “Because I live ye shall live also.”  “That where I am there ye shall be also.”


John saw the vast multitude that no man could number, clad in white (Rev. 7, 9-17).  May each of us be in that glorious company.


Devotedness to Christ   4 comments

Devotedness to Christ

Above:  The Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Jno. 11, 16


Thomas knew of the opposition to Jesus at Jerusalem.  He verily believed it meant death to Jesus for him to return to Judea.  But Jesus went to help the sorrowing.


Thomas’ love for Jesus was stronger than life.  He resolved to go with him and called upon the other disciples to go also.  What a beautiful devotion was his.


Jesus calls us, as he had called them, to follow him, to learn of him, and to do his bidding, walk with him in service to others.  “He went about doing good.”  This was his “meat”–Jno. 4. 24.  “I am among you as he that serveth”–Lk. 22, 27.

“By love serve one another”–Gal. 5, 13.  “For ye serve the Lord Christ”–Col. 3, 24.

Great joy in serving him by doing good to others.  It helps a soul find peace to assist one in need.


But are we only fair-weather Christians?  Shall we not, like Thomas, go with him ever facing danger and sacrifice?  Is he not dearer than all else?  Suffering for Christ’s sake may not be easy, but it is far better to suffer with him than to dwell at ease without him.

May our hearts be brave to walk close to his side whatever may come.  Then all will be well and we shall triumph at last.


Gospel of John: The Book of Signs   1 comment


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