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Death Notices of John Dodson Taylor, Sr., 1936   Leave a comment

JDTaylor Death Notice 1936 01

Images Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


These are the best images of the notices I can acquire.  I scanned photocopies from another source, so at least they are somewhat legible.

John Dodson Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936) was my great-grandfather.

Texts follow:

Atlanta Journal, July 3, 1936


Summerville Business Hours Closed in Tribute

SUMMERVILLE, Ga., July 3–Business hours of this community were closed as final rites were held at 4 o’clock this afternoon for Colonel John Dodson Taylor, distinguished Chattooga County citizen and pioneer northwest Georgia business leader.

The Rev. Sterling Hunter, pastor of the Summerville Presbyterian Church, of which Colonel Taylor was a lifelong member and a ruling elder, officiated at the services.  Several hundred persons attended the funeral.

Colonel Taylor, who was 76, died early Thursday morning at a private Atlanta hospital in Atlanta following a brief illness.  He was widely known throughout the state and prominent in many enterprises.

Burial was in Summerville cemetery.


JDTaylor Death Notice 1936 02

Atlanta Constitution, July 3, 1936, Page 10


Leading Chattooga Citizen Passes in Hospital After Brief Illness

Colonel John Dodson Taylor, of Summerville, distinguished citizen of Chattooga County and active in business, civic and church affairs, died early yesterday morning at a private hospital in Atlanta.

Colonel Taylor, who was 76 years of age, had been ill only a short time.

His keen mind and vision made him one of the most outstanding leaders in business and citizenship in Chattooga County.

He was organizer and president of the Summerville Cotton Mills, the Summerville Oil Mills, the Chattooga County Bank, and the Taylor Mercantile Company.

In addition, he owned large farms and peach orchards in the county, was was senior member of the law firm of John D. & E. S. Taylor.  He was a lifelong member and a ruling elder of the Summerville Presbyterian Church.

Colonel Taylor served with distinction in the state senate as the representative of his district.

A native of Summerville and lifelong resident of that city, Colonel Taylor was the son of John Taylor and Arcissa Willshire Dodson, of Chattooga County.  He received his formal education at Oxford, Ala., where he met his wife, the former Miss Harriet Stoddard.

Surviving are two sons, John D. Taylor, Jr., and Eugene Stoddard Taylor, and two daughters, Mrs. Wilford Caulkins, of Chattanooga, and Mrs. John B. Whisnant, of Summerville.

Funeral Services will be held at 4 o’clock this afternoon at the Summerville Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. Sterling Hunter, pastor, officiating.

John Dodson Taylor, Sr., Banker   Leave a comment

AC September 8, 1912, page 3

Above:  An Article from The Atlanta Constitution, September 8, 1912, page 3

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John Dodson Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936), my great-grandfather, was not only an attorney and a judge, but also a banker.

AC, January 15, 1923, page 2

Above:  An Article from The Atlanta Constitution, January 15, 1923, page 2

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John Black Whisnant, Sr. (died February 1, 1972), was a son-in-law of John Dodson Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936).

I also see the name of Eugene Stoddard Taylor, Sr. (1890-1944), a son of John Dodson, Sr.


The Taylor-Whisnant Wedding, 1918   Leave a comment

AC March 30, 1918, page 6

Above:  A Clip from The Atlanta Constitution, March 30, 1918, page 6

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Recently, while researching family history online, I found this article, which I “clipped” electronically and saved to my computer.  Oh, the wonders of technology!

Sarah, daughter of great-grandfather, John D. Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936), and my great-grandmother, Harriett Stoddard Taylor (1865-1932), and sister of my grandfather, John D. Taylor, Jr. (1905-1976), died in November 1980.

John Black Whisnant, Sr., died on February 1, 1972.

The April 21, 1918, issue of The Atlanta Constitution, page 10, contained this update on the story at the top of this post:

AC April 21, 1918, page 10

AC April 21, 1918, page 10

I imagine what the interior of the old house (not old then) looked like for the festive occasion.  I also wonder how my ancestors looked.


Taylor Family Reunion   Leave a comment

Family Reunion Summerville 1964 or 1965

Above:  A Photograph from 1964 or 1965; Taken at Summerville, Georgia

Image Courtesy of Randolph Fleming Taylor

Top Row, Left to Right:

Randolph Fleming Taylor, my uncle;

George Dickey “Dick” Barrett (1910-1989), my grandmother’s brother; and

David Rogers (John Whisnant’s son-in-law) of Rome.

Front Row, Left to Right:

John D. Taylor, III, my father;

Richard “Dick” Fox Barrett (died November 5, 2009), my father’s cousin;

John Whisnant, brother-in-law of John D. Taylor, Jr., my grandfather;

Cousin Eugene “Gene” Taylor; and

two sons of David Rogers, one also named David.

Where John Dodson Taylor, Sr., Lived in Summerville, Georgia   4 comments

Above:  The John Dodson Taylor, Sr., Home Circa 1908, When It Was New

Photograph Courtesy of Sharon Foster Jones, on June 14, 2012


This is an old photograph of my family ancestral home, a house which was, in its prime, a showplace with high ceilings and a wide corridor at the front door.  I grew up there in the 1970s (with my parents and sister) and visited it in the 1980s.  The last time I was there was in late 2000, when the house was showing its increasingly declining state.  I like old things, so the fact of the house’s recent condition is something I consider unfortunate.

I can still walk through the house in my imagination, which will last longer than the physical structure of the house, unfortunately.  But, via the wonders of blogging, my great-grandfather’s poems can continue as a monument to him.  May they do so.



Modified on June 15, 2012 Common Era


I cropped the photograph to focus on the women and children:

From left to right:  Sarah Faye and Helen (or Helen and Sarah Faye), Harriet (“Hattie”) with John D., Jr., Arcissa, and a woman whose name I have not determined

John Dodson Taylor, Jr., my grandfather, did not arrive until 1905, when, as he put it,

The twentieth century had just graduated from training pants….

Leaves in the Wind, undated, page 7

(He died on September 27, 1976, having spent years in a nursing home.  And his picture in the front is dated 1940.  So those facts help restrict the timeframe of possible publication.)

I am probably looking at images of relatives, not all of whom were part of my direct lineage.  I wonder who some of them were.  Various sources have supplied the following information:

One  of the women is probably Arcissa Wilshire Dodson Taylor (1824-1915), wife of  John Taylor (1834-1901) and mother of John Dodson Taylor, Sr. (1860-1936).  Arcissa did live in the house at the time of the 1910 U.S. Census, as did John Dodson Taylor, Sr., and John Dodson Taylor, Jr.

Another woman is probably Harriet “Hattie” Stoddard (died 1932 and aged 45 years in 1910), wife of John Dodson Taylor, Sr.  She also lived in the house in 1910, according to that year’s U.S. Census.

Eugene Dodson Taylor (born 1890) , the elder brother of John Dodson Taylor, Jr., my grandfather, did not reside in the house in 1910.  Of Gene in 1905, at the point of John D. Jr’s birth,  my grandfather wrote,

Gene was of sufficient age to travel alone, and I understand that he went to visit other relatives.  (It’s nice to have relatives, especially when another young one is bidding entrance into the world.)

The two young women were Sarah Faye and Helen, aged 17 and 13 years respectively, in 1910.  The 1988 history of the Summerville Presbyterian Church mentions the 1924 wedding of one Helen Dodson Taylor to Wilford Caulkins.  The same history lists Helen Dodson Taylor as having joined the church on November 6, 1910.  Helen and Sarah Faye were my grandfather’s older sisters, who were “at tender ages” (Leaves in the Wind, page 8) when he was born.  Helen Taylor Caulkins died on February 13, 1977, having left for Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1924.  The 1988 history of the Summerville Presbyterian Church lists one Sarah Faye Taylor, who joined the church on December 30, 1906, and eventually married John Black Whisnant.  She died in November 1980.

Who, then, was the woman on the right?  I must continue to pursue this question.