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Fixedness of Purpose   2 comments

Fixedness of Purpose

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Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Ps. 57, 7


To live in Christian life is certainly the wisest possible course to pursue–the richest life men know.  Revelation and the experiences of men emphasize it.


But there are many allurements, influences, to draw men away from it.  There is need to watch and pray that one may escape these snares.


Hence one should think seriously and make his decision for life, settle it in his heart to live right.  Take himself in hand and determine his course.  “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  Jas., 1, 8

(a)  “Looking unto Jesus” for wisdom and strength, remembering that we are weak and need help.  The choice and effort are ours.  God will supply all the grace we need.  “Keep close to Jesus all the way!”

(b)  Reflect how nothing is gained by living in sin, by conforming to the world.  All who have tried it found to their sorrow the hurt of sin.

(c)  This determination helps us when tempted to say no at once.  “No; I have settled it.  I am determined to live for God.  I shall spend my life in his service.”  It helped Joseph, David, and all whose hearts were fixed.

Is yours?