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Take Heed, Lest You Fall   2 comments


Above:  Olive Tree Branches, 1916

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1 Cor. 10, 12

1.  The Jews had and used the means of grace, yet perished in the wilderness–all who left Egypt save two–Caleb and Joshua.

(a)  Were baptized unto Moses–the covenant made with him–thus obligated to obey it.

(b)  “Ate of that spiritual Rock–Christ,” signified by the manna given them.

2.  But God was displeased with most of them–all but two–because they sinned.  He is never pleased at anyone’s sins; let this be settled.  And they sinned grievously (vs. 6-9).

3.  They suffered the consequences of their sin–perished in the wilderness, failed of God’s good purpose concerning them.  It was a bitter harvest from what they had sown.  Sin defeats the object and end of our existence, and thwarts God’s purpose and endeavors concerning us.

4.  They were the natural branches and we Gentiles were grafted in (Rom. 10, 17-20).    If the natural branches were cut off, will not we who are grafted in be too, if like them we sin?

5.  Wherefore let us take heed to our lives, lest resting in mere outward appearances we fall.  We can stand, for He will help us in every temptation (v. 13).


Choice of Service   1 comment

Josh. 24, 15

1.  There were two influences moving upon the mind of Israel.  The same is true now.

2.  Joshua demands a choice.  Man acts from choice, is not obliged to serve God or the devil.  This freedom renders him a moral agent.  “If ye be willing and obedient,” etc, etc.  An act not free is not moral.

3.  Without a choice life is a failure.  Even in business one must choose.  How much more in religion?  Must be reduced to the decision of a moment–Caesar at the Rubicon.  Lee chooses between North and South.  Here goes; for life I am his.

4.  What is involved?

(1)  One’s own salvation.  Choose one’s own course.  “God had for the asking.”

(2)  Salvation of others involved.  “We and my house.”  One boy turns from sin as he remembers his mother’s prayers at hearing of church bells and comparisons follow him.

Personal and relative responsibility.  “Nor thy stranger,” etc.

Life and death are bound up in this question.  Lose no time in deciding for God and heaven.