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Above:  Christ Pantocrator

He gave his life, that I might live,

And in return, what can I give?

He gave his all, how could that be?

What did he see in you and me?


He suffered much on Calvary’s tree,

This Lord of mine, who died for me.

The crown of thorns, the beating cruel,

The angry mob just added fuel.


For me he trod the road to death,

He bore my sins, endured the curse.

Before him was the criminals death,

And all for me, my heart would burst.


The grave is empty, the stone is gone.

My heart now sings a different song

Since I accepted this sacrifice

And gave to him my all, my life.


He gave his life that you might live,

And in return, what can you give?

Give him your heart, your mind, your soul,

Just trust him now, he’ll make you whole.


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Above:  What Our Saviour Saw from the Cross, by James Tissot

How can I thank you

For all that you’ve done?

For giving me a precious son

And daughter whom I love,

And all your blessings

From heaven above.


I don’t deserve your special favors

Which you bestow so generously,

How can I repay those debts,

While in this world I remain, yet

I can try to do your will,

And others to  your love direct.


You gave your life on Calvary’s tree,

And this, Dear Lord, you gave for me.

And for this deed I love you so,

And praise your name, the world to show

That you are all you claim to be,

The Savior of all humanity.


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