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Building the Kingdom   4 comments

Building the Kingdom

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Matt. 10, 7-8

Mk. 16, 15-20


Jesus came to found a spiritual kingdom–himself the King–of truth and righteousness.  It opposes every evil thing and champions the right.  He is to guide and empower for service.


The building is to be done by his people–the church.  Hence he sent out his disciples (Matt. 10, 5 etc.), the Seventy (Lk. 10, 1), and gave the Great Commission (Mk. 16, Matt. 28).  It is our work.


How are we to build it?

1.  By preaching the gospel (1 Cor. 1, 21; Mk. 16, 15).  This has first place; it calls men to him–the first work of the church.

2.  By much prayer, calling down the power from on high–“Thy kingdom come.”

3.  By the help of personal influence.  Every act should contribute to this cause.

4.  By fostering every good cause.  Rejoice that so many things contribute to it, as tributary streams enlarge the river.

5.  Money consecrated to his cause is a great power for good.

Why do you desire money, for self or to help build the kingdom?

This vitiates or consecrates every act.  Let all be done for his kingdom.


Can the Lord depend on you?

Will you be true at all times and do what you can to help?


Gospel of Mark   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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The Great Commission   1 comment


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 Mark 16, 15-16

I.  What had he done that warrants this command?

1.  He atoned for all sin–died for all men.

2.  Promised the Spirit to reprove the world–all men–of sin.

3.  Had received all power–authority–in heaven and on earth.

II.  How he commands his disciples to preach this gospel to all the world.–“Co-laborers–Witnessed these things”

1.  Peter held back till the vision convinced him.

2.  Still the church was slow and persecution arose, scattering them.


1.  We are not to question but to obey.  “He that believeth is baptized and shall be saved.”–Our part is to preach him; the rest belongs to God.

2.  The church has no right to exist save as she tries to save sinners.  We know to do good; will we do it?  Heaven stoops to help us, the world waits to receive us.  While we wait they die!  Thou haste to the rescue!!