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Large Returns   2 comments

Large Returns

Above:  Part of the Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Matt. 13, 8

Ps. 126, 6


To serve the Lord Christ is the highest privilege–to help him establish righteousness in human lives.  He has a place for us, to undertake for him.


All service has its reward.

(a)  At least the consciousness of duty performed.  This if nothing more; usually there is more.

(b)  Some seed fall by the wayside, etc., but “some into good ground.”  This is the common lot of his servants–“sow in tears, but reap in joy.”  Not every Sunday School pupil profits most, but some do.

Our giving to good causes yields fruit.  Enormous returns from the work of missions.  Godly parents wield a mighty influence.  1 Godly father; 10 children Christians; 42 grandchildren, 41 Christian, 1 a preacher.  That is at least 51-fold in only 2 generations.


The results abide through the ages, right forces set a going operate on and on.  “Some 30; some 60; some 100-fold.”  No such returns assured anywhere else.

With this vision and assurance who need be discouraged?

“The day of small things” may ultimately result in large returns.

“Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him.”–Ps. 126, 6


Gospel of Matthew   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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Parable of the Leaven   1 comment


Above:  Parable of the Leaven, by Jan Luyken

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Matt. 13, 33


Here the Master teaches that as leaven permeates the whole bulk of meal, so must and will religion permeate and dominate all of man’s character and life as well.

1.  It must operate upon the heart, casting out sin and bringing the affections under its way, to love the good.

2.  In social life, it will restrain and direct there, that nothing sinful be done.  Is your social life Christian?

3.  In business, that all be acceptable unto God.  Christians must not do anything save as God’s word doth allow.


1.  The Christian is to become a transmitter of religious life.  He is to touch others for good.  The leaven cell throws off another small cell which enlarges and in turn throws off other cells, till the whole lump is leavened.  This work must go on till all men are saved by the power of the gospel.  Each soul is to be a center of saving power till the world is redeemed.

2.  As any Christian refuses to extend this power, by so much does he defeat God’s plans and delay the accomplishment of his will.


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Limiting God’s Power to Save   1 comment

Matt. 13, 58

1.  Christ came to save sinners–all sinners.  Hence he sought to induce men to believe on him.  Went to Nazareth to offer them life, but they were offended in him.

2.  Man’s salvation depends on

(1)  An opportunity, and

(2)  On faith in the truth.

Opportunity includes

(1)  hearing the gospel, and

(2)  the ability to believe.

Both are provided for in the plan of salvation.  Given the opportunity man must believe.  Not to believe him is to abide in death.

3.  Faith is not mental assent only, as with the demons, but that trust in Him that carries with it one’s whole being, absolute abandon to Him.  His word is the sure foundation for it.  Unbelievers can, but will not believe, because of the love of sin.  Let one try sincerely and prove it.

4.  By unbelief, a lack of faith, man limits his power:

(1)  In his own life.  Distrust shuts the door to his blessing; faith opens it.

(2)  Upon others.  He will honor our faith by blessing others.  With great faith in Him we will yet do many mighty works in Nazareth and everywhere.  Open your hearts to Him now!


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Prepare the Way of Jehovah   2 comments


Above:  Highway Crossing the Desert in Sandoval County, New Mexico, April 1940

Photographer = Russell Lee (1903-1986)

Image Source = Library of Congress


Reproduction Number = LC-USF34-035924-D



The proper English-language interpretation of the Tetragammaton with vowels is “Yahweh,” not “Jehovah,” which is a Medieval creation.  My great-grandfather therefore erred when using “Jehovah” as did many others, including some who translated the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible.




Isa. 40, 3-5

1.  All God’s mercies are conditioned.  Necessarily is it so & a great blessing it is.

2.  So it is in the text.  The King of earth and heaven would visit his people and bestow rich blessings upon them.  But there are conditions to be met ere He come and we can profit by His coming.  We are in a desert and need to cast up a highway for our God.

(1)  Indifference a great mountain that must be removed.  God can’t help those who have no interest in divine things.

(2)  Doubt is a deep valley that must be filled.  Unbelief is sin.  God is hampered by it (Matt. 13, 58).  Doubt and distrust such a God as He?

(3)  Sin the great mountain in the way.  It must be repented of, forsaken, gotten from between the soul and God.

3.  Then He will come to Zion and bless her with the riches of His grace.  He ever thus responds to such a turning to Him.

Will we meet the conditions or will we block the way?