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His Presence Promised   1 comment

His Presence Promised

Above:  Part of the Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Matt. 18, 20


Were millions of worshippers assembled in thousands of places at the same time, Jesus is with each group to bless them in their devotions.  His presence is our inspiration as we seek his face.  His center is everywhere; his circumference is nowhere.


“Where two or three are assembled in my name.”  Blessed promise.  Not large numbers, but the attitude of the worshippers is the important consideration.  The multitudes stirred his compassion as he saw their needs; but he heard the cry of every distressed soul who looked to him.  Small groups may receive great grace–the two en route to Emmaus.  As may husband and wife at the family altar, or one at secret prayer.  “If two of you” (Ch. 18, 19).


“I am in the midst of them”–Not to spy upon them, but to enlighten, strengthen, comfort and save them.  His presence is assured!

Let his promise encourage us to seek his presence, open to him our hearts that we may be sweetly conscious of his presence.


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