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Brotherly Love   2 comments

Brotherly Love

Above:  Part of the Original Text

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor


Matt. 22, 39

1 Jno. 4, 11


Love has one common origin, the nature of God.  The stream is of the same nature of properties as the fountain.  What God sows his children love.


His love manifested in all his works.  More especially in Jesus Christ.  God and Christ “so loved the world.”  Wonderful.


Love’s consumation is in Christ–in brotherhood.  Here is where it is perfected.  “If God so loved us we ought also to love one another.”  God’s Father love is in the love of his children, is realized to perfection only when man love one another in Christ’s fashion.

(a)  Ours should be an attitude of general good will to all men.  Not that we are to approve of their evil ways; but we are to maintain a prayerful interest in them–long to see them saved, pray for it, and be a good neighbor to all as we may be able.

(b)  This love casts out all bitterness, meanness, self-will, self-seeking.  Love is kind to all.  Jesus gave the sop to Judas and prayed for those who crucified him.

(c)  Christians should love one another.  What a beautiful bond it is!


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Gospel of Matthew   1 comment


Above:  The Book Heading from The New Revised Standard Version:  Catholic Edition (1993)


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The Great Commandment   1 comment



My great-grandfather used the word “professor” to refer to one who professes something, not someone who teaches at a college or university.  It is, from the perspective of 2013, an antiquated use of the word.





Matt. 22, 37-40

1.  The heart will love something.  It was made to love.  With many things the world would lure our hearts.  Man must be careful what he allows himself to love.

2.  God says [that] we must love Him.  He alone is worthy of our love.  He is a jealous God; He is much displeased if we love another instead of Him.

3.  [We] must love Him with all the heart.  [We] must have “a sovereign preference” for God–choose Him above everything else.  He will not accept a divided heart.  One must cut loose from sin.  An old oak [tree] on the creek bank washed down but id not float off because the log tap root still held to the bank.  Christianity appeals to all that is in us.

4.  With all thy soul–or life.  It must be given up to His service in all things.  Ready to suffer His will, rather than forfeit His approval.  A Godly life is a benediction to the world–God uses it.

5.  With all thy mind.  Studying to become more spiritually-minded and how best to foster the interests of our Lord.  Many professors break down here, and are worldly-minded, all spiritual thoughts gone.

 6.  And thy neighbor.  The common tie is Christ, the Golden Rule our law.


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The Wedding Garment   1 comment

Matt. 22, 11-13

1.  The king made a feast–salvation is of God and for us prepared.

2.  All were invited to it.  Christ died for all and invites all–all can be saved since he is sincere in his call.  Some rejected [it] and others neglected the call.  This [is] the one reason some are still in sin.  Such are not worthy, who accepts it are.  Now he sends abroad the invitation.

3.  Many came–outwardly formally accepted the invitation.  Many join the church–an outward profession–this is good but not sufficient.

4.  The king came in to see the guests.  What a solemn moment.  He found a man without a wedding garment.  If we are not clothed in righteousness, robed in white, he will expose our folly and reject us.  Such neglect is a serious offense to all parties.

5.  He was speechless when asked the reason for his neglect.  Great was his consternation.  A neglect he could easily have avoided or corrected.  “Cast him out.”  God will reject all who are without religion.

6.  Then let us be sure of a genuine religious experience.  Attend to this at all hazards.


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